Darn. I Just Cut My Hair

Last Tuesday, I cut my hair which had fallen midway down my back, to just beneath my collarbone.  I also decided on bangs.  If I were anyone else, it would have been a big change.  But I’ve had all sorts of haircuts before (from pixie boy hair with little curly spikes, to tightly curled perms, to simple down-my-back layers).

However, tonight, I went to dinner with one of my best friends from college.  She has incredibly long hair.  It goes well past her elbows and curls awesomely.  She has also always been fabulous at styling all that hair.  She’s one of those people who actually have the desire and PATIENCE to fix her hair.  When I had long hair, it always went up in a pony tail or a messy bun.  But she also had a secret weapon that I have tried countless times, but has never worked for me.  It’s the lowest maintenance Updo a girl could do.  See her Youtube video which I’ve posted behind the cut (click on link).

Seeing that video again, when I used to see it all the time when we would grab lunch in college made me wish I hadn’t cut my hair just yet.  Darn.

At the time I cut my hair, I still couldn’t manage the updo.  I’ll have to wait a whole year before I will have enough hair to try again. Hahaha.

On the subject of hair, I’ve always wondered why guys prefer long hair over short.  Most guys will notice long, LUSTrous locks, and probably not notice the girl with the hottest pixie cut in all of creation.  Why? And it baffles me when guys complain that the same long, lustrous locks get everywhere.  On the floor, in bed, in the bathroom sink, the tub, in their face, their nose…hahahaha!  Not to mention the impatience with how long it actually really takes to clean, care, and style hair.  Takes four times as much shampoo and conditioner, and definitely gallons of water more.  And a hell of a lot longer to dry.  I actually weighed myself with wet hair once and again right after I dried my hair.  I think I lost a good 4 solid pounds of water from my hair.  Hahahaha!  It used to take me half an hour or more to just dry my hair.  Now, because it’s shorter and layered, it takes about 10-15 minutes max.  Then there’s the straightening iron or the curling iron.  Then, the gels, the sprays, the anti-frizz, the smoothing lotions.  After all, we’ve spent an hour getting the hair dried and straightened/curled, why not add 10-15 more minutes to make sure it stays that way for the next four or five hours at least?

Aaah…the joys of long lustrous locks.  Suddenly, I don’t quite wish for all of the 7 inches of extra hair back.

I think that my friend can have the patience to take all that time because her boyfriend simply ADORES the hair and actually helps her detangle every now and again.  Rapunzel ain’t got none of that!

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  1. HAHAHHA LOL! You are so funny 🙂 I really should get a haircut anyway (like 3 inches off max haha). That hair trick is also reserved for those times when I really don’t have the patience anymore. We’ll practice the trick again once your hair is longer. In the meantime, you should record a video of how to do those little hair twists you used to do in college 😉

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