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I’m looking forward
To you and me
I’m looking toward
Everything we could be.

I ache inside
To feel this distance
Reaching for you
Is a lonely dance.

I want your laughter
I want your smile
I want your desire
Even once in a while.

I miss those words
You used to say
I miss the simple things
You used to do every day.

I miss that look
So rare in your eyes
I miss the touch
That melted all the ice.

I wish I knew
What the future would bring
I wish so hard
I could fix everything.

I hold this hope
So soft and tender
It’s a little glow
A fire from the embers.

I reach for you
I’ve fallen from grace
Will you take my hand,
And hold me in your embrace?

You’re still my world.
You’re still my heart.
I know the pieces fit
Even when apart.

I look forward
To you and me
I look toward
Everything we could be.

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