To Take or Not To Take

That is the question.

I’ve been offered a job opportunity in a small boutique law firm in Downtown Los Angeles.
In this economy, I should be jumping for joy, right?
I should be thanking my lucky stars?

I should be.

But really, when I got the job, all I felt was…blech.
I don’t really want the job. It’s not necessarily within the line of work that I am really interested in. It’s also not the kind of experience I’m looking for. I also have the funny feeling that the people I will be working with…are not necessarily people I want to work with.

BUT…it’s still a paycheck. My bank account is slowly dwindling.
In a couple of months, I would be in desperate straits.

What to do?

Should I take the job?
Should I not take the job?

Aahh…the question.


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