Hot Pot

Since I moved to LA and started Law School, I’ve started a new tradition with the new “family” of friends I’ve made since. This is our Lunar New Year Hot Pot. This year is the Year of the Ox. I hope it also means a Bull Market coming soon, don’t you?

Hot Pot is fairly simple.

You’ll need a burner–portable stove (and don’t forget the gas, because we did and had to go to four different stores to find one!) and chicken broth.

Vegetables like baby bokchoy, mushrooms, and cabbage are great staples of Hot Pot.

Then meats that are sliced thinly enough that they cook very quickly in boiling water.

I also like to add shrimp and fishcakes/fish balls.

So basically, you put a pot on top of the burner, equal parts water and chicken broth.
Let boil.
Then add the meats, shrimp, and vegetables into the mix.

Enjoy with sesame sauce, ponzu sauce or Chinese barbecue sauce.


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