Gran Torino

All I can say is…Sigh.

Boyfriend and I decided to catch Gran Torino on the big screen before it was phased out.  I don’t really know how long it’s been released, but we figured we ought to watch it, considering the buzz about how awesome Clint Eastwood’s acting and direction in the movie was.

We caught a 10:10pm screening of it.  As usual, I got a popcorn and soda.  Seriously, what is a movie without either?  I didn’t really know what to expect.  This was boyfriend’s pick of movies.  I usually steer clear of movies that deal with racial themes, or American movies that try to portray an Asian culture.  I just end up feeling uncomfortable because despite their attempt at making everything Politically correct.

It never really is when any movie, book, or article tries to tackle the realities of discrimination, stereotypes and the differences between all of us.

Anyway, back to Gran Torino.

Let’s just say I’m dissatisfied.  The acting was horrible.  I did not find Thao (portrayed by Bee Vang) believable at all.  His sister, Sue (portrayed by Ahney Her), was even worse.  Couldn’t they have done better casting?  Really?  The storyline was so good and strong…but the acting let it all down.  Even Clint Eastwood’s constant growling was getting on my nerves.  Really?  Do people really go around growling?

Overall, I learned a series of epithets for Asian people, and real men cuss each other up and down when talking to each other.  Great.  Awesome.

The ending did make up for the blah of the movie.  It was the only part of the movie I was satisfied with.  I actually did not see it coming, and I loved it.  I’m not going to spoil it, but if you can sit through the rest of the movie and it’s murky lessons, then you’ll see the underlying theme of salvation and peace.

I give it a C.

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