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As if Criminal Procedure isn’t already dense enough.
My book was practically THREE INCHES thick.

How in the world do I lose a book three inches thick?!?!?

I only remember with the surest of sureness that I had it with me, in my hands, eyes glued to black letters, reading about the 6th Amendment Right to Counsel on Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 12 noon.

After that, I cannot even picture the last time I had the book in my possession.

Sunday night, I couldn’t find it, but shrugged it off, figuring it was on my floor covered by random clothes littered all over.

Monday morning, I had Criminal Procedure at 10 am. I needed my book. 9:15 am, I started looking for it. I looked on my bed. Under my bed. On the floor. Under the clothes littering my floor. I read through the titles on the bookshelves in my room. I read through the titles in the bookshelf outside my room. I checked the bathroom. I checked my closet. I checked under the clothes laying on my closet floor. I checked my desk. I checked under my desk. I was running late. I crossed my fingers hoping I would not be called on in class that day and ran out the door.

Tuesday night, I checked my car. I checked the trunk in my car. I checked everywhere else I checked on Monday morning. I checked the kitchen. I checked the living room.

I’ve run out of places to check.

Wherefore art thou Crim Pro book? You cost me nearly $200. The semester just started, I haven’t used you enough to not care yet. I will very likely fail the class if I don’t find you. I cannot afford a new you. Wherefore art thou, Crim Pro Book?


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Today was a strangely hectic, pull-my-hair-out, growling-under-my-breath kind of good day. It was so busy and filled with so many frustrating things that it was almost difficult to focus on the fact that the busy-ness and frustration stemmed from good things.

First, I woke up early for a good reason that turned out to be no good reason at all. I had a “call back” interview for 10:00 am this morning. Unfortunately, when I walked in, the Lawyer I was supposed to interview with looked surprised and said, “Weren’t you supposed to come in next Tuesday?”

…um, no?

I said, “Well, I actually got the email to come in today.”

He nodded, “I see.”

Then he sent me to his secretary. I basically just talked logistics with the secretary and got free parking.

Despite that, it’s a good thing to get a call back interview. Even better when they say, “Start Tuesday.”

Secondly, I got home and received a phone call from another employer. Argh! I wanted to work for this employer but he had not returned my phone calls or emails prior to the morning’s meeting with the previous employer. So, after I had agreed to work with Employer 1, I get a phone call from Employer 2.

I’m still going to the callback interview on Thursday.

Despite the frustrating circumstance, it’s a good thing to get a call back from the firm I wanted to work with first.

Third, OCI Panel — an interviewing panel organized by my fraternity for the 1Ls. It was a hassle and very, very frustrating getting volunteers to help run the panel. However, it is a good thing to even be able to put together a panel and run it successfully. Much less, two in one day!

Fourth, I was wearing tights in school today with a tiered turtle-neck dress. It was a hot day. Not comfortable. But, I looked cute. And my roommate let me borrow her pointy-toed flat black boots.

And finally, funny gchat conversations with my bf.

BF: what is up with this comment?

The strap is very high quality and the pouch is a smooth material that is strong and comfortable. The cup is contoured so it curves underneath the scrotum to the perineum. It protects very well and fits well.
8:20 PM who uses the word perineum
in their description
or review?

Hahahaha! Who indeed?

And finally, I was really happy to get in touch with my old high school AP Literature teacher. He is definitely one of my favorite teachers of all time. In fact, he may have been the only person who has ever supported my writing. He definitely made an impact in my life and I’m so excited to get back in touch with him.

Long, hectic day but a good day.

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Today’s moments that made me smile and laugh:

Ian and I with our Zoolander faces. Awesome picture by Peter.

And ahhh…yes, a couple of lines from Joey about his man crushes and his shameless lack of desire to contribute to the Greater Good. I cannot help but admire a guy who would admit to such things.

“I have tons of them. I’m not even going to lie about it or try to hide it. Currently my top five is: Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Jack Bauer (but not Kiefer Sutherland), Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale. How does one make my list? It is out of pure respect for what you do and who you are. It has nothing to do with sexuality as I am not gay. However I fully recognize McConaughey and Bale are two sexy mofos.”


“Some people went to law school to help the greater good, (Hot Fuzz moment: “the greater good”). Others went because they had no idea what to do with their useless social science degree. Me? I have a specific plan. It definitely isn’t for the greater good (the greater good). My goal is to retire as early as possible. I will then move to some country in the Caribbean, buy a nice little house on the beach, and drink pina coladas by day, Jameson by night, and live the rest of my days happier than a pig in shit. Given my pasty skin though, I might only make it a few years before skin cancer gets the best of me. Nevertheless what a great few years that will be. Also, visitors are welcome. I guess having a free vacation spot for my friends is my contribution to the greater good (the greater good).”

Definitely, definitely worth the giggles of the day.

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