Lost Book Means I Might Just Lose My Mind, Too


As if Criminal Procedure isn’t already dense enough.
My book was practically THREE INCHES thick.

How in the world do I lose a book three inches thick?!?!?

I only remember with the surest of sureness that I had it with me, in my hands, eyes glued to black letters, reading about the 6th Amendment Right to Counsel on Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 12 noon.

After that, I cannot even picture the last time I had the book in my possession.

Sunday night, I couldn’t find it, but shrugged it off, figuring it was on my floor covered by random clothes littered all over.

Monday morning, I had Criminal Procedure at 10 am. I needed my book. 9:15 am, I started looking for it. I looked on my bed. Under my bed. On the floor. Under the clothes littering my floor. I read through the titles on the bookshelves in my room. I read through the titles in the bookshelf outside my room. I checked the bathroom. I checked my closet. I checked under the clothes laying on my closet floor. I checked my desk. I checked under my desk. I was running late. I crossed my fingers hoping I would not be called on in class that day and ran out the door.

Tuesday night, I checked my car. I checked the trunk in my car. I checked everywhere else I checked on Monday morning. I checked the kitchen. I checked the living room.

I’ve run out of places to check.

Wherefore art thou Crim Pro book? You cost me nearly $200. The semester just started, I haven’t used you enough to not care yet. I will very likely fail the class if I don’t find you. I cannot afford a new you. Wherefore art thou, Crim Pro Book?



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