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Lost Then Found

Good news!

I found my lost Comprehensive Criminal Procedure book! *Now everyone burst into applause!* Actually, I was beginning to really worry. The semester just started a few weeks ago, and without my book, I would surely be put in the proverbial Socratic law school spotlight and know even less than I usually do.

I would fail.

Or I could have bought a new book and been down $200 dollars more.

I would still feel like an utter failure. Or at least, really, really bad.

But luckily, I have awesome friends. Matias, a schoolmate, purposely bumped into me, grinning widely. “Hey, Dork,” he greeted.

I frowned ferociously at him. I had just come back from an unsuccessful trip to the Lost and Found ‘department’ in school. “Dork?” I asked caustically.

“Why the big frown?” he asked, a grin still on his face.

“I’m in a bad mood.” I snapped. (I’m really not a horrible person. But when you’re broke and it dawns on you that you’d have to shell out $200 for a three inch thick book [I had decided it was better to be poor than tell your law school professor you lost your book]…it’s impossible to have sunshine in the personality.)

His lips twitched and his hazel eyes danced more than usual. “Is it because you lost your book?”

I lifted a brow. “Yeah. Did you steal it?”

He smiled. “No. But I would bet you lost it in the Student Lounge.”

I reared back slightly. The Student Lounge was exactly where I had told the Lost and Found guys I may have possibly lost my book. “What? How would you know that?”

“I don’t know. I mean, there’s a Criminal Procedure book laying on the coffee table in the back, right next to the couches I study in almost everyday,” he replied lightly. “It’s been there for the last five days.”

It had been five days since Book and I were separated.

I beamed at him, sunshine pouring out of my every pore. “Matias, you ROCK!”

He smiled his charismatic smile and gestured towards the Student Lounge. “Better go get it before someone else takes it.”

And that is the story about how Comprehensive Criminal Procedure Book and I got reunited.

The end.

I also had a fabulous dinner with my two best friends at Ebisu.

We shared childhood stories and talked about the differences between the sexes. Yes, aside from the obvious. It was a precursor conversation for the movie roomie and I will be watching at midnight tomorrow: He’s Just Not That Into You.

Men are from Mars. For sure.

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Peanut Noodles & Tofu

Sounds kind of funky, doesn’t it?


That’s why I had to try it!

4 tbs. natural peanut butter
4 tbs. hoisin sauce
1 tbs. brown sugar
1 tbs. light soy sauce
t tsp. rice vinegar
8 oz. spaghetti (whole wheat spaghetti is healthier)
1 red bell peppers, cut into strips
1 green bell pepper, cut into strips
1 container of tofu (firm stays cubed, but I prefer the taste of medium. Silken/soft will be crushed/crumble, so don’t use that.)


1. Cook the pasta as directed on the box.
2. Combine the peanut butter, hoisin sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar in a bowl.
3. Two minutes before draining the spaghetti, toss in the red and green bell peppers.
4. A minute later, toss in the tofu.
5. Drain the pasta.
6. Mix with the sauce.


I ADORE shrimp and mushroom, so I sauted some with a little bit of the red & green bell peppers and the tofu and topped my pasta with it.


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This is Fanfiction — creating a scene taking characters already created.

Show: Felicity


Summary: Felicity runs into Ben several years after their break up.  Old feelings resurface as the truth is demanded.



Felicity turned around quickly at the sound of his voice. Her heart rate rose impressively, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and her breath caught in her throat. Her grey eyes met brilliant blue ones instantly. She would recognize those eyes anywhere. That voice, too. And, oh God, that smile.

“Ben,” she replied, just a little bit breathless, just a little bit caught off-guard.


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I don’t know where to start. I don’t know where it ends.
I’m sitting here and oh, God, my heart is breaking.


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