RECAP: Thursday 02.05.09

Thursday February 5, 2009

Early morning start to get to Pasadena for a call-back interview by 9 am. It was a good call-back interview considering they asked, “How would you feel about working with us?” Pretty damn good, actually.

So, I spent the morning there, filling in paperwork, signing confidentiality agreements and learning where the bathroom is. Basic stuff.

Then, I rushed home and changed out of my “professional” outfit. Mostly, I just wanted to get out of my pointy-toed high heels. Sexy, yes. But I chipped my toenail the night before and thus it hurt like freakin’ hell. After I changed into flip-flops (and didn’t care that it rained), I went to school. I had promised my friend, Austin, that I would make sure to make it to his school event. It wasn’t a shabby event either. He had Gloria Allred — yes, THE Gloria Allred — to come in and speak during lunch.

She’s a spunky, funky lady.

The rest of the afternoon, I spent on trying to get work done at home. That actually mostly means I watched the Spike TV daily marathon of CSI: NY and CSI.

I adore those shows.

Especially Gary Sinise, William Petersen, George Eads, Carmine Giovinazzo, and Eddie Cahill. LoL.

I’m curious about Lawrence Fishburne being in CSI now, but haven’t actually watched the new episodes…


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