Who Thought Reading Could be So Hard?

Ever since I could read three letter words (circa The Bad Hat), I have loved reading. I used to beg my mom for books instead of toys. I stayed up all odd hours of the night, curled up next to my nightlight just to do some more reading.

Now, I absolutely abhor the thought of having to read.

What has happened to me?

One guess: LAW SCHOOL.


I am taking four classes this semester. While none of my classes require any papers to be written or researched (which I am still thanking the Gods of Scheduling and Syllabus-Writing), they still all require an incredible amount of reading to be done each week.

Comprehensive Criminal Procedure puts in about 80 something pages per week.
California Real Estate Finance adds another 50 to 60 pages a week.
International Protection of Human Rights adds another whopping 100 pages of reading a week (I’m counting all the additional readings our professor emails to us mid-week)
and finally, Business Associations gives us a reasonable 30 pages of reading per week.

All in all, this makes reading such a hassle. After reading over 200 pages of legalese a week, it really makes reading even a magazine distasteful. I’ve never been one to skip over the reading aisle in a grocery store, but now I just glance over it and think, “Who has time to read all this crap?”

Oh…well, I guess the rest of the world does.

F U Law School, for making me hate reading.


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