Random: PAD Office Talks

I am a Board Member of Phi Alpha Delta, Ford Chapter.

It also just so happens that many of my best friends are also Board Members.

So, when we have breaks between classes, we usually end up congregating in the Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Office. It has two desks, a fridge, a couch and some odd chairs. We can usually fit a good 10 people in the small office to just hang out and talk.

Last Wednesday, we had one of those PAD Office moments and were talking about Barrister’s Ball (aka Law School Prom). One of our friends, AB mentioned that he just bought tickets. Naturally, we all oooh’ed over the prospect and asked him who his date was. He said it was a girl he had been seeing over the summer. And he recounted the story of how they started dating again.

His grandmother had given him Phantom of the Opera tickets (girls drool…), and AB being a boy and all, didn’t really check the date. He just knew it was on a Saturday.

So, he called up this girl and asked her out to the show.

She paused, sounded uncomfortable, and agreed.

AB wondered why and asked his roommate, IC. His roommate gave him a strange look and said, “You realize that Saturday is Valentines Day, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“February 14th is Valentines Day.”

“OH. I never knew that.”

All the girls were flabbergasted to say the least. How do you survive to be 23 years old and NOT know what date Valentines Day is? How is that even possible?

At least he learned his lesson, and got a Barrister’s date out of it.

Go AB!

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