Grateful for These Moments

This past weekend, I went up to Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort with Boyfriend and his friends. I may have skipped my MPRE and missed my Barrister’s Ball as a result, but I am grateful for a lot of things and moments this weekend.

1.) 5 Hour roadtrips in the middle of the night with Boyfriend = quality time with just the two of us.
– I finally listened to some Jimi Hendrix songs, complete with air guitar and head banging, hair swinging moments.
– I learned that the singing along to the Eagles makes you miss your exit.
– I learned what a split and half-split are about wines.

2.) 1 BR + Lofts are pretty cozy. Especially when you get in at 2:30 in the morning.

3.) Beginner Lift + Rental Packages are <3.
– Mammoth doesn’t really advertise it, but a Beginner Lift Ticket + a Snowboard rental is only $64. Sweeeet!

4.) Jaw-numbing face-plants, crashing and being crashed into by other boarders that almost twist knees around, and major falls that land on shoulders are totally worth it when BF buys ibuprofen and kisses the pain away.

5.) Whiskey Creek = Cougar Central = crazy old people shit & pot-bellied Go-Go Dancers. I am scarred for life, but feel kind of justified that maybe I can get a job as a Go-Go Dancer in Mammoth when I’m 35 years old. hahaha!

6.) Dancing Dancing Dancing! Just Dance!

7.) Bragging about the life-scarring episodes witnessed in Whiskey Creek. Although, I still say it’s a must-see phenomenon.

8.) Warm naps in Winter Wonderland are the best. Especially with snuggles.

9.) New Business Ideas popping along!

10.) Seeing a Mammoth Mascot doing tricks on the Terrain Park is pretty impressive.

11.) Watching the World Industries snowboarders do their crazy thang is pretty sick, too.

12.) Driving around Mammoth looking at condos with a guy named Kerrick. Yep. That’s his name.

13.) Long Drives home with Boyfriend = QBT = <3.

14.) Mini trips are GREAT. Too bad we always have to come back to reality.


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