Decisions, Decisions

My first choice of small firms just contacted me for an interview…ONLY two months later. Hah!

So, now…I’m kind of torn about jobs…again.

The Pros of going for #1 choice are:

  • They focus on Real Estate Law and Corporate Law.
  • The founder has the same educational background as I do (UC Berkeley & Loyola Law)
  • Locations: El Segundo (supposedly one of the safest neighborhoods around) & they also have offices in San Francisco

The Cons of going for it are:

  • I already work somewhere else.
  • I’d have to start over somewhat.
  • They also do Employment Law which I’m not interested in at all.
  • The founder might not be as nice as my current boss.

The place that I currently work in is in Pasadena and it’s also a beautiful and safe city. My boss is great and he gives credit where it’s due. I’m beginning to really like my co-workers and the other associate lawyers. I’ve also started considering doing some Family Law practice…

Anywho, I still set a time for an interview and other factors will come to light.

As for now, I thought it was ironic that on the day I come to work feeling like I’m really beginning to get into the groove at my job, I open an e-mail from #1 choice inviting me for an interview.

Oh Life. How you mess with me.

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