“What Happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.”

But there are some things unseen that we will take home, and some changes undefined that will eventually have to be made.

I was happy to get to know some people even more and build stronger bonds.  I loved laughing and dancing with my friends.  My feet hurt, hurt, hurt!  But oh-so-worth-it!

There are some things that were too fun to stay in Vegas.  I am grateful for:

  • the pillow talks and girl talk with non-girls, especially with AJB, RS & EV <3.
  • JJC gets a special ❤ 2 ❤ moment with me on the couches staring out at the amazing view of the strip
  • home-made foot spas with EV –> not so much the crashing in by RS–> and no, I don’t appreciate rice and crackers sprinkled at me as a way of “feeding me” either. LoL!
  • Hot, loaded guys in XS who talk pretty and make me smile…then invite me to go snowboarding in the winter and going out on the lake in Tahoe in the summer –> magic words for a girl like me =)
  • “Are you giving me drugs?!?!” –> best quote from a guy ever! Hahaha!
  • Learning who is a spooner and a spoonee –> who is the giver here?
  • Lounging by the pool and watching a social experiment unfold before my very eyes, thanks, AJB, that was entertaining.
  • the massage train in the jacuzzi
  • Just Dance!
  • TL saying, “Isabelle, I’m gonna make sure you have fun tonight!”
  • TL asking, “Isabelle, are you having fun yet?”
  • TL asking, “How about now?  Having fun?”
  • TL saying, “Izzy, we’re having fun!”
  • TL saying, “Izzy, you’re so fun!” Picks me up and spins ’round right ’round on the dance floor.
  • SIH with his blingin’ Persian-mafia-this-is-how-i-roll-in-Vegas shirt that put us all girls to shame!
  • roastbeef sandwiches with delish horseradish mmmmm….
  • japanese-brazilian-peruvian dinner…MMM…
  • SH saying, “I judge people by their dancing, and I think we can be cool!”
  • the 17-hour long buzzzzzz — mission accomplished.
  • not losing any $$$
  • dancing with PD, fun times, fun times
  • wingwomanning – is that even a word? It is now.  Take that, Goose!
  • feeling the breeze with KO
  • long drives up and home with KO, and making fun of my crankiness from my hunger, and talking about everything and anything
  • hella random “would you rather” questions from JJC!
  • “Would you rather gallop everywhere instead of walking, or say “eeeeehhhh” at the end of every sentence?”
  • “Would you rather go thirsty or go hungry?” ME: “Go hungry.”  KO: “Do you see yourself when you’re hungry?  I think you should go thirsty.”  Hahahaha!


I love all my girls!

I had my FIRST EVER hangover at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas.  How inordinately appropriate.  I have to thank AJB for picking me off the bed when my heart rate was skyrocketing and forcing me to hydrate and feed myself.  It was the only way I survived to the next level of Vegas adventure.

I’m definitely down to go back…but do more pool partying, show-watching and strip walking…No, not that kind of strip walking.

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