Summer To-Do List (more like a Wish List)

One more Law School final and five days separate me from FREEEEDOOOMMM!!!

…so close…

Summer Time

End of Finals Party!!!

Boxing with Simone

(Although not with Simone, since I can’t make her classes, I signed up for Boxing classes and begin on June 1, 2009, Monday. *Sizzles with excitement*)

Dancing (couple of times with my girls…and hopefully more before summer ends)


San Diego Padres Game & Sea World with Chris (June 19-20)

Dodger Game

A’s Game (June 19)

Brothers visit — still convincing them to come visit!


Yosemite Camping

King’s Canyon

Hike Mariposa Grove

Catalina Island

Go to one of those Outdoor concerts

Surfing lessons with Behar

Visit Alice in Fresno PLUS Whitewater Rafting (June 6, 2009)

Visit Jessica in Sacramento

Pagan Luau


Seattle with Hels

Universal Studios (May 30, 2009)

Roadtrip to the Grand Canyon

New York with Hansen or Justine

Huntington Library/Gardens picnic

Beach days! (@ Newport Beach, @ La Jolla, and more as the summer continues!)

Write the next great Filipino-Chinese-American novel =)

MPRE (August 7) à sigh

There’s not enough days and not enough money to do all of those, but hey, if I can cross off some of those on the list, I will be a lucky ducky!

Here’s to hoping everyone! Join me, add to the list, and plan with me!!!

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