Oh, So THAT’S What a Vulcan Mind Meld Is!



It’s the first day of Law School and I’m sitting in this large classroom filled with bright young students typing furiously away on their laptops learning something along the lines of Legal Methods.  The instructor is talking about some magical moment when a student actually begins to understand the root of a law school problem…that moment when the professor’s Socratic method stops being torturous and becomes logical…she grins slightly and declares, “It’s like having a Vulcan mind-meld with your professor.”

Yeah, that went right over my head.

Until last night.

I saw Star Trek and I had a moment of pure clarity when Mr. Nimoy performs the Vulcan Mind Meld on Chris Pine.  Aha!  So that’s what a Vulcan Mind Meld is!  Leave it to me to not even bother to look it up for a whole year and a half since Legal Methods class.  But watching the movie felt like a piece of a giant pop culture puzzle just started to click into place for me, and while I’m generations late, I’m signing up for the Star Fleet!!!

I loved the movie, especially Spock.  I really enjoyed how he tried so very hard to be the stoic Vulcan, but always, always manages to give in to his human nature so very effortlessly.  Mmm…I like me them tortured ones.

Chris Pine was very foine eye-candy as well. I cannot complain there.  I didn’t even mind the several times he was choked in the movie.  He definitely has his comic timing down pat.

And speaking of flawless comic timing…what about John Cho and his fencing?  Loved it.  Love him!

The movie definitely had great character development, a storyline that wasn’t entirely confusing, excellent comedic & dramatic performances and fabulous special effects.

There were only 3 things I didn’t like about the movie.  I despised the kid who played young Kirk (really bad acting, kid), there should have been more fun training scenes, and finally….the movie should have been longer!

For all of the above, I give Star Trek a solid A.

PS, all this while, every time they said, “Beam me up, Scotty,” I thought “scotty” was a machine.  Nope. Another puzzle piece clicked in place.  Scotty=person/ship engineer. gotcha. thanks.

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