It’s Not Easy Tonight

I was driving home from San Francisco tonight, and I heard a song on the radio that continues to permeate my sleep-deprived mind. The words just floated in my head until the melody disappeared and the words were left behind…I don’t know how it goes anymore, but the words that stuck to me and wouldn’t let go just feels the way I feel.

You were wrong.
You were right.
You are gone tonight.

I never had a chance
On this suicide romance.

Shotgun fire.

I don’t know where I’m going.

You were bound.
Now you’re free.
You wear black for me.

It’s not easy tonight.

Those words just keep floating in my head, a reminder that despite the outward, superficial peace that I seem to have found, inside I’m still dark and angry. And sometimes, in the dark, like driving home late at night, seeing only the inky black of the road ahead…it’s not easy to stave off the darkness.

Maybe he was wrong. Maybe he was right.
It’s just not easy tonight.

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