Aaahhh, the brain-mouth disconnect strikes again!

My lovely friend, JJC, and I were standing casually at Standard, waiting on some of our friends to meet up with us so we can leave the lovely rooftop bar and head home.

I won’t admit to being drunk.

I had a happy glow.

Guy separates himself from the crowd.  Now, he was drunk.  He stumbled slightly and made a beeline straight for us.

“Are you ladies single?”

Aw, shit.

I panic.  My brain short circuits and the only words that come out of my mouth is the song playing in my head:  “Bay Arrreeaaahhh!!!”  I holler.  And I’m  happily glowing just enough to add some enthusiasm into that, too.

Siiigh.  At that point, I was more than happy to step back and let JJC take the reins.  In fact, I wished I could somehow dissolve into nothingness, melt into a puddle, or just go poof! and disappear.

I can never handle being hit on straight.  Where’s the wit, where’s the charm?  Where’s the disarming me?

Instead, I get all discombobulated.

Oh well…

IMG_6613 edit bw

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