Terminator: Salvation

I’ve always been a great big sci-fi geek, which naturally makes me a great big Terminator franchise fan.  Thus, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Terminator: Salvation and watched it the week that it came out with my friend PMaster.

I really liked it.  I mean, first of all, Christian Bale is John Connor.  This is a drastically huge improvement from Nick Stahl.  On the other hand, they really almost evened-out the field when they replaced Claire Danes with Bryce Dallas Howard.  I think that there was so much of Danes’s spunk that was lost in the watery blue eyes of Howard.

But, I enjoyed Moon Bloodgood and Sam Worthington a lot.

I mean with a name like Moon Bloodgood…how can you not like her?

The little girl, Jadagrace (as Star) and Anton Yelchin (in another cool role in a huge summer blockbuster, as Kyle Reese) really rounded out the cast of characters for me.  I think they all gave solid performances.  I really only didn’t like Byrce Dallas Howard.

I really liked the idea of such an intricate little trick to kill John Connor as to create a human-robot hybrid that could instill trust and sympathy from Connor.  It was a bold undertaking. I think Sam Worthington did the best portrayal he could of the character he was given.  I wish they could have gone deeper into the storyline.

But such is the case with all summer blockbusters.  The more the bang the bigger the buck.

Overall, a solid B.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins-Special Shoot


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