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Cuz It’s A BitterSweet Symphony, This Life

This past summer can be summed up by one quote that E.V. and I read on a piece of artwork at Zephyr Cafe:

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -anais nin-

There were a lot of things that I learned and loved this Summer.  There were fears that I had to face down and tears I had to dry.  There was laughter with beautiful friends.  There was sunshine and ocean and adventure.  There were moments when I felt utterly lost in my life, and moments when I felt like I finally found something that was truly me.

At the end of it all, I am hopeful that life is still beautiful.

I still believe.

Be Happy in this Moment. This Moment is Your Life.


End of Finals Party: *Jack in the crack pre-party *Jam-Packed Kress rooftop *Getting stuck on the 2nd floor and dance-dancing the night away *making new friends *hugs and kisses and more hugs *drunken passers-out *My friends are all made of awesome.

Baby Brother Graduates from Stanford: *baby pictures blown up 10x to make embarassing posters *the Wacky Walk *listening to Justice Kennedy’s speech *family&friends *being the rowdiest family in his Department graduation *yelling his name at the top of our lungs *mmm…homecooked filipino meal *I’m proud of you, Little One.

Grand Tower Livin’: *Girlyfying the residence *Black Hawk Down *scrabble nights *waking up to the scent of butter popcorn *movie nights *the beginning of golf nights *doing HW for negotiations 2 hours before class started *”Your toilet tank has probably leaked 500 gallons of water. that’s like killing 5 dolphins.” *running to LA Live with Eon and Kong…then losing Kong! *neighborly visits with JJC *Elevator guy *William Wallace…I mean, William Juarez *”Why did they put the pool so that it would never get any sun?” *P4 to Grand St. entrance is an entire song! *”can we sue them for these speedbumps?” *I really enjoyed my short time there.

San Diego Weekend with PMaster: *Let’s Go Oakland! *SEA World * Hooters!* Journey to Atlantis and the look of pure fear *kayaking *Leopard sharks!!! Freak Out!!! *ping-ponging in the kayak inside a cave *long walks on the beach = sunburned feet *sushi vs. tacos *singing out loud in the car *Pmaster actually listening to the Wicked soundtrack!!! *Definitely ranks up there with the best weekends with the best of friends.

Beach Daze: *boogie boarding *oh f#@k! the water’s cold *TheS popping a contact *ultimate frisbee ultimate tiredness *wiffle ball *long walks with heavy coolers *gossip sesh *HB and his book about terrorists in the Philippines *last-minute trips to the beach *laying out and just talking with great friends *tans *changing into my bathing suit under a towel *lending my short shorts to an instant best friend *You all made my summer days bright and beautiful.

(TBC…so much more! Whitewater Rafting with @Sigh, OC Fair, YC’s visit, Juicy’s visit, Big Bang Theory nights, Movie Mania! Dinner nights with co-workers, carpools with Meeshee…and stuff I’m too lazy to write about at this moment, but eventually will.)

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gator tacos

gator tacos

E.V. and I were studying for the MPRE’s and were, as is often with the both of us, struck with the pangs of hunger.  We decided to take a break from studying…yeah, right, cuz we were really deep into our BarBri review books.

So, on our way to Boston Market, she points out L.O.’s Cafe — which stands for Luigi Ortega’s Cafe.  She said that they had awesome and really eclectic food.

No kidding.

They serve alligator and turtle.

They have ostrich, too.

Not only that, but they somehow serve Italian food and Mexican food fused into a somewhat confused, but workable combination.  They also have disco in the bathroom.  It’s the red button.  Press it at your own risk.  Needless to say, I jumped a foot away from it after I pressed it, and E.V. did her little shriek of surprised-pleasure.

I haven’t tried much of their food, except for the gator tacos, but so far so good.  I’ll definitely be back to bring friends for their crazy fun happy hour atmosphere and anyone who is willing to try turtle chili.  I heard that it was an award-winning recipe.

In any case, it’s a winner in my book, just cuz it’s so darn entertaining just eating there.

1655 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
fish tacos

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DSC03207 cropped and fixed

June 19 ’09 Weekend was the Road Trip to SD weekend with my buddy, PMaster.

8:30 AM on Friday, I pick him up from LAX.  Yeah, it’s early. But he’s a morning person…hell, he’s a crack-of-dawn person because of his job.  So, I’m a few minutes late, but I pick him up from the airport.


  • Tacos from Hope Street Farmer’s Market.
  • Singing out loud in the car driving towards San Diego
  • Bomb-ass hotel room at the Hilton
  • Riding the Trolley to Petco Park

  • Walking around Gaslamp District throwing out ideas for the next big thing.
  • Sea World!!!

  • Shamu! Shamu! Shamu!
  • Journey to Atlantis and the look of pure fear on my face.
  • Adventure Zone
  • Hooters and booty-slapping
  • Kayaking at La Jolla!!!

  • Flipping over on my kayak and freaking out about Leopard sharks
  • Long walks on the beach that = super super sunburned feet!
  • Crispy actually listening to the Wicked Soundtrack in my car!?!?!  whoa.
  • KMart Adventures

Aaah…fun times. Awesome weekend with an awesome friend.

Let's Go Oakland! @ Petco Park

Let's Go Oakland! @ Petco Park

Shamu! Shamu! Shamu!

Shamu! Shamu! Shamu!



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