Cuz It’s A BitterSweet Symphony, This Life

This past summer can be summed up by one quote that E.V. and I read on a piece of artwork at Zephyr Cafe:

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -anais nin-

There were a lot of things that I learned and loved this Summer.  There were fears that I had to face down and tears I had to dry.  There was laughter with beautiful friends.  There was sunshine and ocean and adventure.  There were moments when I felt utterly lost in my life, and moments when I felt like I finally found something that was truly me.

At the end of it all, I am hopeful that life is still beautiful.

I still believe.

Be Happy in this Moment. This Moment is Your Life.


End of Finals Party: *Jack in the crack pre-party *Jam-Packed Kress rooftop *Getting stuck on the 2nd floor and dance-dancing the night away *making new friends *hugs and kisses and more hugs *drunken passers-out *My friends are all made of awesome.

Baby Brother Graduates from Stanford: *baby pictures blown up 10x to make embarassing posters *the Wacky Walk *listening to Justice Kennedy’s speech *family&friends *being the rowdiest family in his Department graduation *yelling his name at the top of our lungs *mmm…homecooked filipino meal *I’m proud of you, Little One.

Grand Tower Livin’: *Girlyfying the residence *Black Hawk Down *scrabble nights *waking up to the scent of butter popcorn *movie nights *the beginning of golf nights *doing HW for negotiations 2 hours before class started *”Your toilet tank has probably leaked 500 gallons of water. that’s like killing 5 dolphins.” *running to LA Live with Eon and Kong…then losing Kong! *neighborly visits with JJC *Elevator guy *William Wallace…I mean, William Juarez *”Why did they put the pool so that it would never get any sun?” *P4 to Grand St. entrance is an entire song! *”can we sue them for these speedbumps?” *I really enjoyed my short time there.

San Diego Weekend with PMaster: *Let’s Go Oakland! *SEA World * Hooters!* Journey to Atlantis and the look of pure fear *kayaking *Leopard sharks!!! Freak Out!!! *ping-ponging in the kayak inside a cave *long walks on the beach = sunburned feet *sushi vs. tacos *singing out loud in the car *Pmaster actually listening to the Wicked soundtrack!!! *Definitely ranks up there with the best weekends with the best of friends.

Beach Daze: *boogie boarding *oh f#@k! the water’s cold *TheS popping a contact *ultimate frisbee ultimate tiredness *wiffle ball *long walks with heavy coolers *gossip sesh *HB and his book about terrorists in the Philippines *last-minute trips to the beach *laying out and just talking with great friends *tans *changing into my bathing suit under a towel *lending my short shorts to an instant best friend *You all made my summer days bright and beautiful.

(TBC…so much more! Whitewater Rafting with @Sigh, OC Fair, YC’s visit, Juicy’s visit, Big Bang Theory nights, Movie Mania! Dinner nights with co-workers, carpools with Meeshee…and stuff I’m too lazy to write about at this moment, but eventually will.)

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