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and I am still compeltely Team JACOB…

even though I know how everything ends.

At least his muscles are real and not spray-painted.


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I feel like I was such a BAD friend last night, I should have some of my friend-statuses revoked.

I suck.

i'm so sorry.

i'm so sorry.

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Still on a slippery slope
T-minus one hundred fifty days
The ash of dried tears
Still cake the arch of
my cheek as new wetness
rolls over…and down.
At night the soft sigh
still escapes into the darkness.
The quiet whispers back
with the stillness of nothing.
I swallow back the vacuum inside.
The taste is bitter–of regret.
It’s sour with hate.
Stings like the salt of the pain
rubbed against a wound that
still bleeds the sweet iron taste
of love.
It’s a taste that curls in my mouth.
Bile rises and I’m left with
the hollowness of

Some days, I still do.

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Signs seen around the Philippines.

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It’s a song that occasionally finds its way onto my ipod during shuffle.  It makes me smile. It makes me wanna sing along to a bouncy Mickey head.  It’s “Forget About Love” from Aladdin II (there was a sequel? Yeah, it was called Return of Jafar. In fact, there was a trequel — i invented that word — called King of Thieves, too. Get with your Disney movies, yo!)

I always sing along to that song, even if I’m in public, I’ll do it under my breath. It’s such a funny little blurb about such girly stuff — all the reasons why, despite the way love really just wrings you out till you’re a ruh-tard, I still can’t forget about love.

Forget about that guy, Forget about the way you fell into his eyes; Forget about his charms, Forget about the way he held you in his arms.
Walking on air’s obnoxious,
The thrill.
The chill.
Will make you nauseous
And you’ll never get enough, Just forget about love!
Forget about romance, Forget about the way your heart begins to dance;
Then you feel the blush, When he’s spouting out some sentimental mush

How can I forget all that? It’s the best part of falling. It’s that wondering if he’s there to catch you at all, or the uncertainty of the meaning behind the brush of his fingers on your knee, the speculation as to whether that smile was for you, the looks that you can’t hold because you start blushing it’s embarrassing.

Yes, they all kind make me nauseous. Yes, they are kind of obnoxious. Yes, I can totally live without having my world spun.  But then…

There are cozy rendezvous and candlelights for two…the feeling of the air being knocked out of you the first time your fingers close around each other’s and you realize that he’s reality…the quiet laughter in the dark…the random carress of the cheek as he passes by you…Yes, please.

And sometimes, you get really really lucky. And you find someone who is there to catch the fall after all.  Someone who understands that love isn’t just about the nauseous, obnoxious walking on air, but also the frustrating, teeth-gritting, omg-I-can’t-believe-you-just-did-that moments.  It’s about compromise and a promise to be there to catch every fall.

To wish, to want, to wonder…to find the sun through rain and thunder…

Yeah, love is pretty revolting and obnoxious…unless you’re the one in it.

Here’s to hoping I never Forget About Love.

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Just ‘Cuz it’s Jude

I know I should really hate him for the whole sleeping-with-the-nanny business.  I should. But then, he was Gigolo Joe, and got down and dirty as Vassili Zaitsev, wined and dined as Alfie, and was Sky Captain of my heart.

I mean, really, the man is just pretty.

‘Nuff said.

Jude Law for Dior Homme Sport

Jude Law for Dunhill




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