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Success! I found a couple of fairly well-done videos of the 112th Big Game between Cal and Stanford. 

This is all just CAL highlights.

Below is one that also features some of Stanford’s points.  I, unfortunately, actually like Toby Gerhart.  I know, sacrilege!!!  I can’t help it.  He’s really good.  Fellow Bears, please don’t hurt me.

Still, a good watch. Only shows how exciting the game actually was.  I was late to a good friend’s birthday dinner…and my only excuse was I couldn’t possibly leave the game. 

I also like the second video for the Spirit. 

Roll on you Bears!

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When I was a child, my father was my hero.  He was everything to me.  He was a soldier who was brave and strong and could do push-ups even when I was sitting on his back.  He was the kind of dad who mostly believed in experience and discipline.  He didn’t believe that “sheltering” us was the way to teach us about the world.

He was the kind of dad who threw us into the sea to teach us how to swim.  My mother was horrified.  But I remember him saying, “They are children.  Children always find a way to survive.”  Of course, he had to dive in after us.  He would swim just beyond our reach so that we couldn’t reach for him and half-ass the lesson and stop…but he could always reach us when he knew we were very likely going to drown if he didn’t pick us up. 


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