Winter Storm’s a-Brewin’

Today, I opened my eyes and saw Winter.  (Last night, I didn’t close my blinds — don’t worry, we live too high up for anyone on the streets to see into the apartment, and my window faces empty air).  I wanted to b!#ch and moan and lament the loss of sunshine.  Oh, so perfect for finals…dreary.  Blah.  But really, I just couldn’t.

I love winter.

In the Philippines, there’s no such thing as winter.

So whenever Winter rolls around, I’m always giddy.  There’s something about the crisp cold wind, the heavy clouds, the bare trees, and the black-and-white starkness of the world that really appeals to me.  Maybe it’s because it’s like looking at the world like it was a black-and-white photograph.  It’s just starker, the details either standing out or blending it.  I just think it’s more evocative.

And then there’s snow. In the Philippines, there is no snow.

Snow remains a joyous miracle to me. Yes, I’m sure it’s ridiculously inconvenient for a lot of people who live in areas that get snowed in a lot.  I understand that driveways have to be shoveled, there’s ice on the sidewalks, and possibly frizzy hair, too.

But c’mon! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in central part of the world! It’s special!

Plus, snow allows for such fun things as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, dogsledding, and um…tobogganing.

Plus, the fact that my body just tends to run warmer. I think I was made for the cold, despite being born and raised in a tropical country. I would rather be cold anyday than be hot.  I am the one who would rather NOT be under the sheets, or who kicks off the blankets, I would rather blast AC and will probably be the last person to turn the heater up.  I am my own personal heater, haha!  So winter allows me to be comfortable in my own skin.

It’s really simple.  I just love Winter.


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