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Title: Remember When It Rained

Tag/Summary: They say in every relationship, there is one who loves the other more. Max wished she was the one who did.


They say in every relationship there is always one who loves the other more.

 Max wished she was the one who did.

             “Hey, Maxie, how about we play a lil’ hooky and spend some quality time together?” grinned Alec, wiggling his eyebrows playfully at her. “Just the two of us, whaddya say?”

             “I can’t, Alec,” she rolled her eyes at him. “I’ve got so much work to do. You know that.”

             He pouted that boyish pout of his.

            “Rain check?”


How many rain checks had she actually accumulated throughout the year? How many “next times” had she promised? Max’s lips curled bitterly. Too many to count. Now, she wished she had actually said ‘yes.’ Even just once.


             “C’mon, Alec…we really don’t have time for this.”

             He was holding a tray with two bowls of cereal on top. “There is always time for a little breakfast in bed with me.”

             She frowned at him. “I’m gonna be late.”

            “So?” he drawled lazily. “The whole world ain’t falling apart without your mighty leadership…at least not in the next hour or so.” He grinned. 

            “A-lec! I’m serious.”

            “You’re always serious.”

            There had been that tone in his voice, just the tiny creep of sadness that had her heart skipping a beat—not the kind that made her feel giddy, but the kind that made her feel dreadful. She had leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

            “How about just coffee?” she whispered.

            He had grinned from ear to ear.  “Coffee’s a start.”

Except, she realized, she had never had time for more than just coffee.

Time was an equalizer. Time was relative. Time was all she ever had.  A minute of pleasure was never enough. In agony, it was unbearable. And yet, it was the same sixty seconds of time. Max wished now that she had taken a minute to make a memory that would have lasted forever. (more…)

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