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Transporter Fanfic

Title: Complications

Summary: Frank Martin hated complications. A glimpse into what made Frank the way he is.

Author’s Note: Because this is so much better and easier than writing for law school.


Frank Martin lived by a set of rules.

Rules were clear. Rules were rational. Rules were about knowing what was at the beginning, the middle and, definitely what was at the end. Rules meant that there would be no surprises.

Rules were meant to be broken.

He pitied the men who lived by that careless aphorism. Frank smirked mirthlessly, his slate gray eyes remaining cold. Not his rules. When he was doing his job, he only lived by three cardinal rules.


When the deal is made, no detail can be altered or renegotiated—not for any price. It was a simple rule, meant to keep everything precise, preclusive, and predictable. All t’s crossed, all i’s dotted, all scenarios envisioned and pre-planned. All possibilities anticipated and covered. This rule kept him alive.

Rule 2: NO NAMES

If he didn’t know, he couldn’t tell. If he couldn’t tell, he couldn’t be indicted. End of story. There was also the matter about how knowledge had a way of complicating the simplest matters. If he didn’t know, he couldn’t be asked to make judgments. He was just the transporter, a middle-man hired for his skills behind the wheel. Nothing more, nothing less.


Just as simple and as rational as Rule 2. All it required were cold discipline, plenty of discretion, and maybe a touch of disregard. After all, if he didn’t know, there was no way he could care. (more…)

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Marital Property Final today.

It’s really not that complicated. I keep telling myself that. Watch me muck up all the dates and formulas for calculating Community Property or Separate Property shares.

As I’ve told @sigh and Eon before, “People should just not get divorced.”  It’s just too complicated. And if they can’t NOT get divorced, then they people should just not get married.


So help me God.

**Edited post-final:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

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