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  • is w0w! It’s 2009! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
  • is back in LA!
  • is hungry.
  • is just kind of overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time…kinda just whelmed, i guess.
  • is back to reading, reading, reading…
  • is faaaaadiiinngg…
  • is bored.
  • is not wanting to read…but she knows she should.
  • has sun/wind-burned lips from hiking in Malibu with Dan.
  • is really looking forward to her birthday weekend!!!
  • LOVES Alice, Joy & Enny! You girls are the BEST!!!
  • + Tequila = NO Bueno.
  • is Tahoe-bound!!!
  • had an awesome birthday!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, y’all!!!
  • is craving CUPCAKES.
  • doesn’t wanna read no more.
  • wishes she had something better to look forward to this weekend than Tax Training.
  • is a dumb fuck.
  • can’t find her happy place.
  • is frustrated with herself and just ready to give up.
  • is watching a cheesy sci-fi movie on the sci-fi channel.
  • is making pancakes for brunch.


  • actually practiced TKD today with Dan!
  • wishes.
  • can’t find her Crim Pro book. Help?
  • found her Crim Pro book!
  • found her Crim Pro book! Thanks, Matias!
  • is sleepy, tired and eye-twitchy in BizAzz.
  • thinks wii yoga is awesome after being bent over reading Criminal Procedure all afternoon.
  • thinks watching Family Guy on mute is kinda disturbing.
  • reminds her loan-needing friends that FAFSA is due March 2 in CA.
  • wishes she were on permanent vacation.
  • thinks studying for a Professional Responsibility test makes her feel kind of paranoid.


  • is skipping Barristers Ball and going to Mammoth instead.
  • had too much fun over the weekend and must now repent in the Library.
  • is to love and be loved is the greatest happiness..
  • Beautiful Disaster
  • dreamless
  • is redecorating and rearranging
  • Everything Changes-Staind
  • is now officially going to Whistler for Spring Break!
  • is broken.
  • Better in Time. Be Happy. Be Amazing. Be Loved.
  • loved the Alvin Ailey American Dance theater performance tonight! It Rocka My Soul!
  • FUCK.
  • is in NorCal with mom and grandma…and brother, and 15 aunts and uncles and a gazillion cousins…just sayin’…I’m home.
  • …I still do…
  • is angry and unhappy
  • kind of really wants to go snowboarding instead of going in to work tomorrow…siiiigh.
  • studying: FAIL.
  • i guess in the end…you start thinking about the beginning…
  • still hasn’t packed for Vegas, but already wants to go to bed…sigh.
  • is having pancakes for dinner.


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