2009 According to Facebook


  • is w0w! It’s 2009! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
  • is back in LA!
  • is hungry.
  • is just kind of overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time…kinda just whelmed, i guess.
  • is back to reading, reading, reading…
  • is faaaaadiiinngg…
  • is bored.
  • is not wanting to read…but she knows she should.
  • has sun/wind-burned lips from hiking in Malibu with Dan.
  • is really looking forward to her birthday weekend!!!
  • LOVES Alice, Joy & Enny! You girls are the BEST!!!
  • + Tequila = NO Bueno.
  • is Tahoe-bound!!!
  • had an awesome birthday!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, y’all!!!
  • is craving CUPCAKES.
  • doesn’t wanna read no more.
  • wishes she had something better to look forward to this weekend than Tax Training.
  • is a dumb fuck.
  • can’t find her happy place.
  • is frustrated with herself and just ready to give up.
  • is watching a cheesy sci-fi movie on the sci-fi channel.
  • is making pancakes for brunch.


  • actually practiced TKD today with Dan!
  • wishes.
  • can’t find her Crim Pro book. Help?
  • found her Crim Pro book!
  • found her Crim Pro book! Thanks, Matias!
  • is sleepy, tired and eye-twitchy in BizAzz.
  • thinks wii yoga is awesome after being bent over reading Criminal Procedure all afternoon.
  • thinks watching Family Guy on mute is kinda disturbing.
  • reminds her loan-needing friends that FAFSA is due March 2 in CA.
  • wishes she were on permanent vacation.
  • thinks studying for a Professional Responsibility test makes her feel kind of paranoid.


  • is skipping Barristers Ball and going to Mammoth instead.
  • had too much fun over the weekend and must now repent in the Library.
  • is to love and be loved is the greatest happiness..
  • Beautiful Disaster
  • dreamless
  • is redecorating and rearranging
  • Everything Changes-Staind
  • is now officially going to Whistler for Spring Break!
  • is broken.
  • Better in Time. Be Happy. Be Amazing. Be Loved.
  • loved the Alvin Ailey American Dance theater performance tonight! It Rocka My Soul!
  • FUCK.
  • is in NorCal with mom and grandma…and brother, and 15 aunts and uncles and a gazillion cousins…just sayin’…I’m home.
  • …I still do…
  • is angry and unhappy
  • kind of really wants to go snowboarding instead of going in to work tomorrow…siiiigh.
  • studying: FAIL.
  • i guess in the end…you start thinking about the beginning…
  • still hasn’t packed for Vegas, but already wants to go to bed…sigh.
  • is having pancakes for dinner.


  • i said i wasn’t gonna lose my head, but then, pop! goes my heart!
  • wishes she could buy the MVP10…but the rent’s gotta be paid.
  • oh no…alice called it. Sick.
  • is gone, Baby, gone.
  • Whistler Blackcomb ❤
  • exhausted.
  • Fire & Ice show like Woah!
  • can’t wait to go home.
  • How do you measure happiness anyway? How do you measure hurt that just won’t go away? Just trying to live day-by-day, but really, tell me, what’s the point? Having an existential, quarter-life crisis.
  • did absolutely nothing even remotely productive during spring break…YAY!…and now, back to reality. SIGH.
  • Better to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there.
  • really doesn’t like life right now. Something Better can’t come soon enough.
  • blah.
  • HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Carpool, plant a tree, recycle and breathe in the happy, happy, joy, joy of the planet!
  • lunch food coma — not good for finals studying.
  • Would like a do-over of her life please. She’d make certain decisions differently…like NOT going to Law School. sigh.
  • being attacked by a killer moth in her apartment! aaahhh!!!
  • is HOPELESS. Finals = ultimate FAIL.


  • …was that an earthquake? or just me with low blood pressure?
  • rootin’ for the Pacman!
  • so sad she’s missing Pacquiao’s fight. stupid crim pro final.
  • whaaaaaa—- someone TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED AT THE FIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
  • “Pacquiao lands at the bell. Hatton is out cold.” HELLS YEAH!!!
  • is making plans for the summer to look forward to…so that she can motivate herself to live through finals.
  • grr.
  • Hello, Goodbye.
  • hates everyone who’s done with finals…or actually, just hates that she’s not one of them. Grr. Biz Azz.
  • tried Chef Boyardee for the first time ever. And it was not good. Was the meat inside the ravioli even…real?
  • is actually kind of freaked out for tomorrow’s final. Dear Brain, please, please, please just retain this insane amount of information from 6-10pm tomorrow.
  • hates raisins but loves dates…my oatmeal has pieces of both…it’s kind of hard to tell them apart…
  • Had a BLAST! ❤
  • getting the hiccups while sipping soda is shockingly painful.
  • is back in the Bay! Yay!!!
  • finally saw Star Trek…and well, what can I say? Live well and prosper. I ❤ Spock.
  • taking the dog for a little run. ❤
  • life. blah.
  • …it’s not easy tonight…
  • will run for cupcakes.
  • @ the driving range with Terry & Ian.
  • just hanging out with Paul & Ian…and I signed up for Boxing!
  • so tired today.
  • client says to me, “You have really nice legs. Do you have a boyfriend?”…quick brain, respond…*blink…blink…blink…* “um…thanks, and no.”…but all I’m thinking is, “no wonder I’m sitting here filing your divorce papers.”
  • Universal Studios then Beach Bonfire today!!! ❤
  • UP gets a super A++, will watch again. Universal Studios and Beach bonfire also an A for Awesome! Loves her roomies. ❤


  • just had her first Boxing lesson and it was AWESOME!…although she was kind of pouty she had to run a mile before being allowed into the ring.
  • still totally not over it.
  • is excited for white water rafting with Alice! Awesomest person in the world!
  • is back in the Yay Bay Area! ❤
  • congratulates his brother, Alex, on his graduation from Stanford today!!! ❤
  • got Jury duty summons for Hayward again. Do they NEVER read or see that I check the box that I don’t LIVE there anymore?
  • is blah.
  • went surfing on her kayak before bailing and hoping she didn’t land on 7 foot leopard sharks…but just in case, she screamed, “Help!” anyway.
  • is sunburnt.
  • is looking for Happyness. P.S. Happy Birthday, Stephen!
  • wants to know who hasn’t seen the Hangover yet? And Yay! for the driving range!
  • there’s a lot of sadness floating around. =(
  • PARTAAAAYYYY!!!! tgiF! Seriously.
  • Happy Birthday, Alfonso!!!


  • wow…two weeks.
  • you da, you da best…
  • back from a run through downtown. whooooo!!!
  • has a fat headache called a post-negotiation assessment.
  • is realizing that life isn’t one big vacation of just jumping from one big adventure and fun thing to the next…it’s the everyday living that counts…and it’s the everyday living that’s that hardest part.
  • no harry potter 6 for me tonight.
  • Recovery Mode.
  • is bored. sigh.
  • Ugh. StomachACHE.
  • should be packing and moving…
  • is burping out patron. Awesome.
  • good weekend with friends: target+moving+pool+barneysbeanery+oldtownnightlife+dimsum+beach+jollibee! Too bad I had to write a negotiation assessment paper, too.
  • is running.


  • mmm…gator tacos…
  • crackberrying in the movies with the brothers.
  • is drunk with =)
  • school?…what school?  I’m still on summer mode.
  • the bird, bird, bird…the bird is the word.
  • RIP Senator Ted Kennedy.


  • is hoping.
  • College Football is here!!!!!!! GOOOO BEARS!!!!
  • home from an awesome season opener!!! Go BEARS!
  • it don’t mean much if you can talk about love, if there ain’t no love left in you…
  • i’m ethical! yay!
  • ugh, where did my Friday go? Stupid Law School.
  • LACMA Today! Hello, Pompeii ❤ // GO BEARS!!!
  • must focus today.
  • Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait… The Earth began to cool, The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, We built a wall (we built the pyramids), Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries, That all started with the big bang!
  • GO BEARS!!!
  • wishes Big Bang Theory episodes were longer…
  • thank you, God, for advil, sprite, soon du bu and rice // LA County Fair time!!!
  • Go Bears!!!
  • feet hurt from dance dancing the night away.


  • GO BEARS!!!…please.
  • You’re killin’ me, Bears!
  • pissed I cracked the screen on my crackberry. argh!
  • in Vegas with my beautiful cousin! ❤
  • craving some cupcakes…
  • is looking forward to Kickboxing tonight!!!
  • le sigh.
  • wants to go to Mammoth…stupid Law School.
  • elevator broken. 16 flights of stairs. after working out. boo.
  • cracking up at our pictures tonight! I love you all! Gnite happy world! ❤
  • @ the Kings v. Canucks game, Staples Center…freezing!
  • is @ SkiDazzle. ❤
  • is phoneless. on Halloween. utter FAIL.


  • is finally home from her halloweening adventures! iz tired.
  • “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” -E.M. Forester
  • hates that Downtown LA traffic stole her naptime opportunity. Grr.
  • You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…
  • rockin’ my Michael Jackson playlist! ‘This Is It’ is amazing!
  • just had her first Shabbat dinner tonight! ❤ Thanks to JLSA and Professor Levenson!
  • laughed till i cried. *fart fire alarm*awkward bumpers*goldfish talks*getting the boot*I’m being Kanye*sharks and squid come out at night*rotations*speedy elevators. ♥ i love alice & enny.
  • In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. Thank you for your sacrifice and service.
  • Would it be beautiful, or just a Beautiful Disaster?
  • TONIGHT: Phi Alpha Delta presents the Summer Jobs & Opportunities Panel! H70s, 5pm
  • home alone and writing a paper on a Friday night. Yeah, iloveyoutoo, Law School.
  • USC v. Stanford game!!!
  • is grudgingly impressed, ‘Furd…
  • Go Bears! Go Pacquiao!
  • Toby Gerhart killed. Bears win. Pacquiao TKO’s Cotto. Michelle is coming home. Spending the rest of the night with my <3’s and NOT with my paper. Tonight is gonna be a good, good night.
  • Hiking Runyon =)
  • today, my house is a house divided as my brother from Stanfurd comes for a visit. Normally, trees make me happy — but not today. GOOOO BEARS!!!!
  • YESSSSS! Awesome Tree-chopping action! The Axe is OURS! Go Bears!!!
  • …can’t stop giggling. Terriblay!
  • Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I’m especially thankful for friends like Ian & Alice who stayed up til 5am just to take me to the station! ❤ u guys!
  • playing taboo with the fam bam!
  • thinks it’s funny watching her brothers try to shop for their girlfriends…
  • Black Friday shopping = new running shoes, new snowboarding helmet, a bunch of dvd’s, and of course the GLEE season 1 soundtrack!
  • christmas tree shopping with the fam…and it’s windy and cold. but happy =)
  • is going back to LA; cya later Bay!
  • It’s so weird when the “We’re Related” application tells me that I have “39 possible new relatives on Facebook”…and I look at the list and they really all are related to me.


  • ♫ …come just a little bit closer…I just need permission so…give me the Green Light…♫ I *heart* John Legend.
  • Remedies Final today. siiiiigh.
  • Why would you tell me something and then not do anything about it? Ugh. Argh. Boy, I’m grumpy today.
  • You know you’re in law school when you’re dreaming about adoption, and you’re arguing with your dream because they “can’t just do that” and they need to give notice to all interested parties and get the consent of the Natural Parents…and you wake up thoroughly pissed and hoping that later the courts will find an equitable adoption if someone sues them…then shaking your head and thinking, oh…it was just a dream.
  • stupid raisins, stay out of my chicken empanadas!
  • Poof! It’s Marital Property time.
  • last night, i dreamt that i missed my final. I’m still not over it.
  • saw Wall-E for the first time. So, I teared up. So what? Walll-eeeee!!!
  • hates waiting for her car to get fixed. Carless in LA sucks.
  • SNOWBOARD BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
  • dear person who plowed into my hip with a snowboard, OW!
  • white flag.
  • utter fail. on so many levels. stupid house keys.
  • think of it as an adventure =)
  • I like the word “utter”. It just adds such emphasis to a word. Like utter failure. still not done packing.
  • oh great, it’s raining on my drive to norcal. le boo.
  • is finally back in the Baaaayyy!!! Home sweet home.
  • almost burned down the house…stupid tacos…who knew that taco shells burst into flames?
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