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So AP took me out for a birthday dinner Thursday night. We went to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant and took advantage of their DineLA Restaurant Week prixe fixe three-course meal.  Then we headed to LA Live and had a couple of drinks at Lucky Strike Lanes.  Then, we caught a movie.

Because it was my “birthday” all over again, I got to choose the movie. I could be as geeky as I wanted, and of course I gave AP two choices: Daybreakers or Legion. (LoL.) He picked Legion, thinking it was the less-trendy-vampire-geeky choice.

It wasn’t a bad choice.


In fact, it had the hottest, coolest, most bad-ass angels I’ve ever seen. 

Paul Bettany is hotter than ever as the Archangel Michael. He’s been an obnoxious bard and an albino monk killer, and everything else in between, so why not be the coolest God-defying angel around, too?  Bettany’s got the thin-lipped, pale blue-eyed, coldly handsome looks to pull off the desperate kind of defiance required for the role. He’s got the physique and carriage to believably make Archangel Michael accessible yet imposing. 

Or maybe I just like the coat he was wearing. 

Either way, Bettany as Archangel Michael makes me want to do bad things…just so he would have a reason to come down and try to smite me. *griiins.*

 The best surprise for me, though, was the casting of Kevin Durand as Gabriel. What better way to use his 6’6″ frame and deep, deep baritone voice than as one of God’s mighty angels? In the Bible, Gabriel is considered a “messenger” angel as opposed to a warrior-type archangel. I’d like to think Gabriel had the same deep, reverberating voice that Durand has when he delivered God’s messages.  Haha! In the movie, however, he is an archangel and he has a great fight scene with Michael, who has chosen to fall from grace to save humanity. See below for the beginning of the fight.


The reimagining of the archangel is just so awesome that AP and I had to look at each other in amazed delight. 

The movie had its obvious plot holes and there were points in the movie that were so bizarre I had to laugh out loud.  There were cliches left and right, but hey…it was one heck of a fun ride anyway.

It was definitely a fun birthday night!

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Sometimes when I’m in the mountains, all I remember is the way the sun would shine just behind your head as I looked up at you.  All I remember is the way you would smile back down at me, filtered in sunshine, boyish and free.

It’s one of the reasons why I love the mountains. It was ours. It was golden.

In the elevator, someone left the scent of your cologne. It wasn’t you…well, because it wasn’t you. But there was enough memory there so that I couldn’t breathe. I was suffocated in those four walls with memories of you.

And I remembered the way you breathed my soul into you.

I remembered the way you stole every breath in me, every beat of my heart. I belonged to you. Body and soul.

There are many days when I’m sure that I have all of who I am back to myself. But there are nights when I miss feeling alive, because you see every breath and every beat of my heart was still with you.

I miss the way you needed me. I miss the way you held me like your lifeline, the way your breathed me into you, the way you lived my soul, the way you burned.

I’m looking for that spark you took, my soul you stole, my breath you caught. 

I miss feeling alive.

And the only thing I can keep telling myself is to … Just Breathe. Someday, it will be easier.


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The Burton Clash is…A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I read the reviews, and it was even featured on my “To Carve the Learning Curve” post a year ago. I finally put up the cash to purchase a used Burton Clash 142. No regrets.

I started snowboarding on a Burton LTR. It is probably the most basic of all beginner boards. It’s sturdy, wide, heavy, and will definitely get the beginner up and going. But it was a tough board to carve on. Good for leafing, not so much for the cruising and carving. Definitely do not attempt jumps on a board that heavy and unflexible. Overall, after mastering what my friend, PD calls “the ancient chinese art of Leafing”, I felt the need to move on.

I bought the cheapest board I could find on ebay. It was an Artec Vixen. It was cute; it had hearts. It was longer than my LTR. It was narrower. It was also lighter. I rode that board and didn’t want to go back to my LTR. It was just a lot lighter and easier to maneuver.  But it still wasn’t enough. I was catching edges. It wasn’t flexing.

So, I sold the LTR and used the proceeds to buy my Clash.

I rode it for the first time this weekend at Big Bear (Bear Mountain), and whoo boy…I’m in love. Okay, so I would disclaim that Big Bear had just had about 5-7 feet of snow dumped on it in the last four days, so the conditions were top notch (for Big Bear).  But the board…well, it made my day, too.  It’s responsive and light. It is so maneuverable that it made carving just all that much easier and snowboarding exponentially more fun. It’s got Cruise Control technology which really cuts on my tendency to catch an edge.  It’s slightly directional, so it’s set-back a little bit which makes carving a bit easier (i.e. catching an edge less likely). But it also means it’s not really for those who ride switch often (which is something that only happens accidentally with me).

It’s just great to find a board that fits. This is the board that will definitely help me progress. And to top it all off, it only cost me $70 on ebay. *grriiins*

Snowboarding is love.

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Negus, please.

Is it Racist? – National Spelling Bee
Web Redemption 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reaction Demi Moore Picture

There’s a video, not sure how to embed it. If ya can’t get to it, then negus, please.

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I have so much on my mind right now I can’t even begin to sort through them. It’s just all these thoughts and emotions, and attempts at putting them into coherent thought is just impossible.

Or scary.

I just don’t really want to know what’s going on with me just yet. I think it’d be scary to know myself right now.

So I’m internalizing…and maybe getting stomach problems and sleeping issues. 

I’ll live for now, though. I’ll keep internalizing until I get the courage or find it necessary to purge.

So no New Year’s Resolutions (it’s all part of the jumbled up mess in my head and heart) and no reflections on 2009 (because last year was just too painful to really put together right now, hell even college football was painful).

But Happy New Year…and I really, really, really hope 2010 is a happier year for me and for everyone that I love.

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