The Shopping Cart Syndrome

It’s not that I have a fear of commitment.  It’s not that I can’t just click the little “Buy” button. It’s just that I like a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean I like it enough. Economists would call it a Marginal Willingness to Pay (MWTP). If that margin isn’t reached, then I ain’t payin’ for it.

So I find myself with a ton of shopping carts filled with things I like, just not enough to take the next step.

But like I said, it’s not that I have a problem with commitment.

Lawrd knows, the moment I really want something, hell or highwater couldn’t stop me from going for it. 

Point: I clicked on the “Buy Now” button and completely bypassed the bidding process on the Burton Clash on ebay.  I have bought clothes with barely a second thought. I’ve paid serious cash for food and drinks without missing a beat. I’ve agreed to expensive trips (hell, snowboarding, vegas anyone?) without notice. 

I just have all these things that I kind of like, just not enough to make a leap.

So they sit in my shopping cart. I go back every now and then. Sometimes, what was in there is no longer in stock.  My loss if I suddenly decide that I had wanted it all along.  Sometimes, I buy one thing from the cart because things have changed enough such that…I want it. And sometimes, I delete items from the shopping cart altogether. And still other times, I leave the same things in there.

I was thinking about it the other night, and dating…is kind of like having the Shopping Cart Syndrome.

There are guys that you like…just not enough to really go for it.  So you flirt with them, you date them, but you never really take them home, much less to meet mom.  You put them in the shopping cart, but you never really buy (into) them. Sometimes, you realize that what was in the shopping cart was one that you’ve wanted all along..sometimes, it’s not available anymore…and sometimes…well, they just stay in the shopping cart. Till next time.

And of course there are ones that you delete right off the list. Or your phone. de-Buddy List. Block on your G-chat. Defriend on Facebook. You know how it is.

Then there are guys that just knock you head over heels. Like, BAM! you’re seeing stars and you’re going from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds. Yeah…you know those guys.   Where you’re just throwing all caution to the wind for…the ones you just want. right. now.  And because you want him that bad, you’re willing to commit to this guy. Signed, sealed and delivered, baby.

I think I have the Shopping Cart Syndrome. I don’t believe in committing to something I kind of like, but it does give me some sort of satisfaction to put things in a shopping cart.  The thought of “maybe” is pretty heady. But then again, I know that when I want something, I wouldn’t think twice about anything else but the thought of having it. My MWTP is pretty high for that guy.

It’s pretty bad.

But hey, at least I know what I want. Right?

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