Meet MDMF!

My good friends Monte (vocals) & Joey (drums) Oakley have started a band together with their cousin J’Mal (vocals) and friend, Freddy (guitar/bass).

J-Mal, Monte, Joey

Collectively, they are called MDMF — Million Dollar Mother F****ers. Yeah, very eloquent. Haha! But really, they are such a fun and talented bunch that you will just get swept away by their charm.

Their sound is described as Live Jazz Funk-Hop.

E-40, 311, Oukast, Rage against the machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Andre Nickatina, DJ Quik, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Legendary Roots Crew, Metallica, Jay-Z, Xibit, Keek Da Sneek, Incubus
Born and bred in Oakland, CA founding members and brothers Joey and Lamont Oakley exhibited their love for music before age 6. They have been engaged their whole lives in the pursuit of merriment through music making.  Their latest manifestation is MDMF. A multi-cultural blend of all things funky. From grinding dance tunes, to elevating songs that make you want to bounce, the backbone of MDMF is nothing but fun.

MDMF’s debut show will be on June 9th at the Terrace in Pasadena!!! I’m so excited to go and watch my boys do what they’ve always done on stage. It will be epic!

Click here for a rough video of their first practice run! (If you can’t see it, Amy probably has some privacy settings on fb blocking you unfortunately.)

I’m so proud of these guys!!!

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