Memorial Day Weekend: The Bar Prep Way

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be about fun, surf, barbecues, friends, frisbees, and visiting loved ones who have fallen in the wars. Not for me this year.

On Saturday, I studied.

On Sunday, I studied.

The highlight of both days? Watching Harry Potter reruns on ABC Family. I won’t deny it, I’m a huge fan even though I never got past the halfway point of the 5th book. I started law school, okay. You can’t blame me for never having finished it.

Anyway, on Monday…well, I took that day for myself. So really, I had a Memorial Day. But I did good with it.

As usual, I woke up between 7:30 and 8. I don’t usually need an alarm clock because I’m one of those weird people who just wake up. My eyes open and I can’t go back to sleep. I laid in bed and contemplated what to do with my morning of nothing. I flipped through the channels on tv, but there was nothing on. A quick check of the weather told me that it was going to be fairly warm, so I decided to tan. Hey, it’s summer. Even though it’s Bar Prep summer, it’s still summer.

I put on a bikini, grimaced at the weight I still need to lose, mentally checked myself to eat healthier and check the gym schedule, then headed down to the pool with my handy blackberry, notepad, and a couple of torts flashcards. I guess I can’t ever really fully justify a full day off. Type A personality really does get in the way sometimes.

Our pool isn’t amazing. I live in an older building in dtLA and we really only get a few hours of sunshine over the pool area because when you’re surrounded by high-rises, the only time sun really hits you is when it’s directly overhead.

I picked a spot, laid my yellow McCormick Barstow, LLP beach towel (courtesy of the white water rafting expedition with @Sigh last summer–what a difference a year makes!), popped in my headphones and listened to music from my blackberry.

It’s hot.

Needless to say, I spent about a half hour face-up and another half hour on my stomach, at which point I memorized a few elements for some quasi-intentional torts. It was so hot I actually took a dip in the pool to cool down. I did a couple of laps. I always lament that I never really took proper swimming classes. I don’t even know how to do that little dive-flip underwater. I always have to stop and turn around. Yeah, lame. I’ll figure it out one day, I swear (–> ooh! One more thing to add to my life list!).

After the brief swim, I went back to my apartment and got ready to go to Disneyland with Mushy!

Lah You

I don’t really know why I like Disneyland so much. It’s really tiring and standing in line isn’t the most scintillating thing to do in the world, but there’s just something about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve totally bought into the “Happiest Place On Earth” trademark. I don’t know. I like how freakin’ nice everyone is. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to be a kid again and be excited for no apparent reason at all.

I used to be this wide-eyed, everything-is-so-new-and-fascinating kind of person. But then I dated someone who wasn’t all too supportive of that and just made me feel gauche and lame for never having tried or done a lot of the things he had. Now, I’m very cautious about what I put my heart into and what I want to show excitement over. Disneyland just kind of makes it okay for me to skip around, eat churros, and race children half my age to get to the front of the line (shhh!).

And I’m always excited to see Tigger.

Hugging Tigger (Disney 10.2008)

Mushy and I hit Disneyland at around 3:30pm. We both have annual passes, so it’s not really a big deal that we arrive late. We have been utterly spoiled by this season pass and the iPhone app that allows you to check the wait times at all the rides. We’ve got going on rides down to a science.

In fact, we were so impressive we hit SIX rides in four hours. That’s amazing in Disneyland time, considering how some people wait almost an hour for just one ride. Our standby favorites are Space Mountain and Grizzly River Run. We also got on Mulholland Madness because Mush hadn’t been on it before, and Soarin’ Over California (because I haven’t seen it before). We went on Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

She still won’t try Splash Mountain, and it’s gonna take a lot of prodding or guilt-trips to get me back on that. Hey, it doesn’t have seatbelts!

We tried to end the night with some Daikokuya Ramen (the BEST Ramen in LA). But to no surprise, even at 9pm, the wait was over 2 hours long. We were already starving, so we headed down the street and got our fix at…another restaurant whose name I can no longer recall. That’s how disappointed I was not to get into Daikokuya.

And that, folks, was how I spent my Memorial Day.

Space Mountain
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