Bar Prep Day Off #2: TIM McGRAW <3

Tim McGraw, June 5, 2010

In keeping with making the most out of my summer despite having bar prep, day off #2 of week 2 of bar prep was a Tim McGraw concert.

Yes, I didn’t know I liked Country Music either.

But on a six-hour road trip with my favorite girls to June Mountain for a snowboarding weekend trip, they introduced me to Something Like That (BBQ Stain) and I just fell in love with the cutest line in the song: “She said I bet you don’t remember me, and I said, Only every other memory…”

Ever since, the hopeless romantic in me has been hooked on them country crooners.

But trust me, none of ’em do it like Tim McGraw does. I did my research. I listened to a bunch of different country singers…but then, there’s just something about Tim McGraw.

Maybe it’s those arms. Yeah…or those pecs. Or the voice. Or those arms. Or maybe the tight jeans. Or the big cowboy hat. Or the arms. Yeah.

I’m so jealous my friend, mDino, was close enough to Tim McGraw to take this pic. Wtheck. Check the new addition to my Life List, cuz this is going on it.

I went with @Sigh, Mush, TNT, and Persanthemum. Mush made some bomb pasta (with bacon, of course) and @Sigh & TNT supplied the yummy grapefruits, strawberries, and sandwiches. Those girls always have everything down. My heroines.

The day was perfect and the night was balmy. Tim McGraw has a lovely drawl and says, “fellers”. He was still a guy’s guy though, at one point telling some dude to settle down or he was gonna be thrown out, and then admitting that he bought his first guitar so he could get laid. It worked. He hasn’t put down a guitar since.

I’ve only ever been to one other concert in my life (August 1, 2009, No Doubt @ the Irvine Amphitheater), and in comparison the Tim McGraw concert is far more laid back and almost relaxing. It was more about the music, less about the flash.

I really enjoyed the day and would definitely, definitely go to another Tim McGraw concert again. Closer next time. Like…sweat-on-me closer. *Griiins.

Singing along to “Something Like That” @ the Southern Voice Tour ❤

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