26Beach Restaurant

I finally graduated from Law School on May 16, 2010.


It was one of those days that none of my friends could really sufficiently look forward to because we were so so so stressed and swamped up to the last day leading to it because of Law School Finals. By the time the last final rolled away, we were way too tired and mentally drained to muster up the proper kind of excitement that graduating from Law School should have evoked.

On the other hand, we also knew that it wasn’t really over yet.

We still had the California Bar Exam to look forward to. So, there was no point in celebrating ourselves senseless when we were just going to hit the books again (even harder) anyway. If there was ever a buzz kill, it would be bar prep.

But I digress. Graduation wasn’t the point of this blog entry. It was the food I had after graduation.


My best friends and I all brought our friends and families to 26Beach Restaurant in Venice.

The food was amazeballs.

Iwas actually pretty surprised since well, I didn’t actually research the place. @Sigh picked it and Melman, Evee and I just said yes because we all wanted to be together.Furthermore, it wasn’t like I didn’t try to research the place. Their website isn’t the most impressive. I honestly think they should just contact my friend YC and have her design a website which would load faster, had better graphics, and was more user-friendly. Plus, the section that said “History and Reviews” was “Under Construction”. It’s been months now, and it’s still under construction. So, who knows when we will actually get to find out how 26Beach came to be.

So, the general idea was that it was a good pasta, burger, pizza, sandwich place. I chalked it up to everyday American/Californian fare.

Which was true.

Just very good everyday American/Californian fare.

Below are some of the food we ordered at our late lunch/early dinner. Everything was so good. I would definitely go back.

Coctel de Ceviche – fresh red snapper marinated in lime juice w/ chopped tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos, black olives, avocado and cilantro

Red Chile Pork Chops – 2 frenched center cut pork chops, marinated with crushed red chile and herbs, giving this dish a delicious mild bite – served with rice & black beans

Striped Bass Vera Cruz – a whole roasted bass served with fresh salsa, rice & black beans – a real delicacy

Filet o’Sole Sandwich – lettuce, heirloom tomato, homemade tarter sauce on a fresh brioche bun

It was a little expensive with the main entrees averaging around $25. However, the portions were large and the food good, so I would say it was worth it. They also sat our entire group in the outside patio/heated garden. The decor was very eclectic: flowers and trees against exposed brick, there was antique furniture, mismatched wrought-iron chairs, and other random charming pieces.  The staff also seemed very helpful and friendly.

Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by the place.

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