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Extreme 100 degree temperatures. Warm desert air like a constant giant blow dryer. Glittering pool days. Candy-colored bikinis. Sparkling lights. Drinks. Shots. Drinks. Shots. Dance Dancing the Night Away. Sleeping as the Sun comes up. What? Say what? Oh, that’s right…it’s Summer and it’s Vegas all over again.

Good as Gold

cheers to life!

Rollin' 8 Deep

What Better Way to Catch Up?

Complimentary Dinners are Love

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

Party Bus for Free

Club Hopping Like We Were 21

Help! I Need New Feet!

Ahhh…a post shall be dedicated to the minutiae of the trip. Suffice to say the word “comped” is the best way to describe the entire weekend. Say what? Three days in Vegas and I only paid for a couple cab rides. Epic Summer Vegas Weekend, loves.

Shout out to @Sigh, TNT, H2, HeyHey, Daf, Bedhead, and Missionary! Had a TON of fun, Ladies! ❤

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