Gratitude Post #3

Person: Best Boss Ever

Addy is quirky and off-beat. She’s interesting and instantly adds a spark of life into any situation. She’s also my boss. She basically hired me based on one meeting with her. I e-mailed her for job advice, and the next thing I know she’s e-mailed me that she has recommended to her boss. The rest is history.

She’s supportive of where I am in my life since she’s been there. She knows how hard I’ve been job-searching for legal jobs, and how difficult everything can be. She knows the weird limbo I am in because I am waiting for my bar results. In fact, she turned to me one day and grins, “So, what are you doing the day you find out?”

I grimaced at her because I have really tried very hard not to think about that day.

“I’m on it,” she says with a Cheshire cat smile on her face.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be watching Harry Potter drunk, and drinking some more, and sushi-ing it up…until the fateful hour the results show.

I’m pretty scared. But Addy assures me that whether or not I pass, she will still like me. Hahahaha! That’s why I’m grateful for you.


I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It’s always been one of my favorite “holidays” because I get to dress up and be whatever I want to be. It’s also a great opportunity to see how funny, creative, and awesome friends are when they come up with costumes. This year, with Halloween on a Sunday, it was fun celebrating Halloween for three straight days.

Thing: Water

Three straight days of Halloweening does not do a body good. Water, on the other hand, makes it all better.

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