What Kind of Dater Are You?

Apparently, I am:

The Too-Busy-To-Date-Dater: You are a procrastinator and you always pack your days so full that you can’t focus on love or do anything to find love.  Maybe it’s your career or children, but you need to be proactive to find love.  You need to make finding love a priority and make time.  Quit using the excuse of your busy schedule as a reason to avoid your personal life.  If you really liked someone, wouldn’t you make time for them, no matter how busy you are?

Sad. But true. If I did, would I? Or would I just be too caught up in my own thing to return text messages, phone calls and emails? Aahhh!

On the other hand, this message was brought to me via a matchmaker-type of ad, so really, they WANT me to make the time to find “love” so that they can make money off of making me feel like I need someone else to make me feel whole. Right?

I can’t decide if I’m being a realist or being jaded.

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