…And So I’m BOTH

A Capricorn

The hard worker. The ambitious go-getter. The gal who sees the whole world as one big project. The one who always has a plan. The details are noticed and things get done. When she plays, she plays to win. She’s also the unforgiving, cold and calculating one. The inhibited and conservative one. The Capricorn.


A Sagittarius

The wanderer. The philosopher. The easy-going truth seeker. The one who always needs to know the whys in the world. The one who is pretty quick to take a gamble. She plays hard for the adventure. She is also the one who can’t be hemmed in. The self-indulgent procrastinator. Flitting from one thing to another and hoping to reach a conclusion. The Sagittarius.

Today, the internet was afire with the idea that the Zodiac had somehow changed. You thought you knew who you were, but you have no idea. Suuuure.

But the fact is, there’s always been two sets of the Zodiac. There’s the TROPICAL ZODIAC and the SIDEREAL ZODIAC. (Wiki here.) It’s better described as Seasons vs. Stars. The Tropical Zodiac follows the seasons and the Sidereal one follows the constellations. Most of the Western world (of astrologers) follows the Tropical Zodiac. If that’s the Zodiac sign you’ve always associated with, it’s the sign you still are despite the Minneapolis Star Tribune article. So, under the Tropical (Western) Zodiac, I’ve always been a Capricorn. I’m still a Cap.

Under that system, Capricorns are born from December 21 to January 20th.

But under the Sidereal (Eastern) Zodiac, Capricorns are born from January 15th to February 15th.

Based on both systems, I’ve always been a Capricorn. But because of the uproar of adding the new Zodiac which changed the Sidereal Zodiac then I’ve become a Sagittarius. (Article) But chances are, if you live in the West and follow astrology, then you follow the Tropical Zodiac…so good news people: YOU’RE STILL YOU!!!


If you start looking up the two zodiacs now and find out you were two different signs to begin with…that doesn’t really change anything, does it?

And if you’re like me, and got split into two…well, that just gives us more excuses to blame on our “nature”.

So yeah, talk about a split-personality, right? The rooted-wander lusting-loyal-commitment phobe. I kinda like it. The way I see it, it’s like having the best of both worlds!


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