Hot and Cold

just Grr.

Today was just one of those days when everyone just went hot and cold on me. Cyclically. Alldamnedday. I’m exhausted.

Good news! Bad news… or how about missing me…but as it turns out, not even really having the time to SEE me? I mean, really? Why bother to talk about something you can’t deliver on? Or wait, I thought we went over this before and we were gonna be JUST friends??? What happened to that deal? Or how about telling me you listen…and you completely forget 2 simple facts about me? SMH.

I know I’m being hypocritical since we all know MY own tendencies to go hot and cold. But maybe this is part of the reason why I’m confused to inaction.

Sometimes, it really is just easier to

That birthday gift card on my desk (my best girlfriends all know what I’m talking about) is starting to look mighty appealing.

just grr.

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