“Do you know the difference between something that is strong and something that is impervious? Something impervious doesn’t need to be strong.” – Brennan, Bones

She had a point. I could relate.

When I first met you, I was impervious. In the last couple of years, I learned to be strong. In the time in between, I found that strength required patience. In the last couple of days, I have wanted to demand answers from you. I have wanted to know what kind of game you were playing. I wanted to declare then and there that I was done with games.

But I realize that I had always jumped the gun with you.

If I can be patient with others, then why not with you? If I had really learned strength, I can wait. I can bide my time and just let things be. If I really was strong, I can stay standing on my own and as I have in a long time. I will not let you sway me or push me around.

No, I’m no longer impervious. But I have become stronger than I ever realized I could be. And I can be patient. I will be better than this.


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