Mabuhay Class Food

So we all know that if you ride Business Class, you get bigger seats, more legroom, unlimited liquor and flight attendants that address you as “Ms./Mr./Mrs. Last Name.” If you’re really lucky, you get the seats that turn into claustrophobic little beds.

On Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Class (their equivalent of Business class), you also get to have Filipino food!

I can’t really compare the food from other airlines since I’ve only flown Business class on 2 airlines (Delta and PAL). Delta was meh. PAL always amazes me with the food.

Nommers. So enjoy drooling over the food:

Mixed Tapas
Prawn Sinigang

Pork Loin with Figs
Nuts & Cheese, Creme Brulee and Fruits
Filipino Arroz Caldo (Porridge)
Yogurt, Fruits, Breads
Beef Guizado (and Spiced Vinegar!) with Scrambled Egg & Garlic Rice
Mixed Tapas
Some Kind of Cured Pork with a Slice of Pear and Foie Gras

Bacon-Wrapped Steak, Scrambled Eggs, Mashed Potatoes & Apple Crepe

Fruits, Nuts & Cheese Plate

Pork Adobo!

Sigh, such delicious flights on Mabuhay Class, Philippine Airlines. It’s really bad for a diet. I flew Economy once, and barely ate anything. On Mabuhay Class, I keep ordering and re-ordering stuff on the menu. But y’know, it’s not just a flight, it’s a dining experience, too!

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