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Here’s a Video of Two Dutch Guys Getting Hooked up to Electro-stimulation Machines to Simulate the Contractions of Child Birth.

Hilarity ensues.

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I have been MAD obsessed with this song for a while now.

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Exactly two years ago was the last time I went snowboarding.I had hurt myself pretty terribly trying out a jump in icy conditions. So, while recuperating, I could not finish off the season. Then, last season…well, let’s just say that it resulted in June Mountain being shut down.

So, I’m really intent in getting my Snow Mojo back. My Snojo. Haha!

But it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Fear of injury, new boots to break in, and Southern California snow conditions weren’t the easiest ways to debut my almost-three-decade self back on the slopes. However, I still had a grand ol’ time.

It’s always a good reminder that snowboarding is really just a self-challenge. How far will you go? How fast can you ride? What new thing will you try? For me, I had two main goals: Break in the new boots that my brother had given me for Christmas TWO YEARS AGO (pre-injury), and be comfortable on the board again.

I’d say I half-accomplished both. PhotoGrid_1358056811944

Featured above: MINION, my awesome stomp pad that helped me get off the lift with fewer than normal incidents; the NEW BOOTS that I initially didn’t even know how to lace up; “Ketchup” aka Maker’s Mark in our Pepsi and Sierra Mist (Joey went to a Southern school, and I guess sprite and Maker’s Mark is popular there); BRRR, it was cold up there at 5 degrees Fahrenheit; DeTRUCK, aka Joey’s DeWalt truck that took us to the snow; Kickball BUDS, Micaela & I all bundled up.



These boots were kind of weird to lace up, but surprisingly stayed tight (too tight, but I’m assuming it’s because it was the first time I ever put my feet in them ever). I had to go to the repair shop and have the guy in there show me how to lace these up. Hahaha! But they definitely were easier to tighten and loosen than the traditional laces. Let’s see how long they hold up.

Next week, I am off to Tahoe and I’m SUPER excited because it will be the BF’s FIRST time snowboarding!!!

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50 of Each in Under 30

50 of Each in Under 30

I have been a member of the UFC Gym for over a year now. It’s a love-hate relationship.

One of my favorite (sort of) classes is called DUT: Daily Ultimate Training. It’s essentially described as this on the website:

Daily Ultimate Training is a functional strength and conditioning program. DUT combines every aspect of resistance training, body awareness drills and cardio respiratory endurance. Each class is different, competitive and will improve your overall athletic ability.

Essentially, it’s a conditioning class. Sometimes we work with resistance bands. Sometimes it’s drills throughout the gym. Sometimes we’re climbing monkey bars. Sometimes it’s kettlebells and dumbbells. Sometimes, it’s just resistance from working with your own body weight.

Each time, it’s a kick-ass work out.

Last night’s class was the Fabulous Fifty–or as I liked to called it, the Filthy Fifty. Essentially everything that is listed on the board up there…we had to do each fifty times.


You don’t realize how many fifty reps is until you’ve done 35 and you’re like, oh…shit…I can’t…any…more…

The worst/best part is, you are timed throughout the whole ordeal. Everyone’s like, “Yo, man, what’s your time?” And I’m like, “Yo, dude, I didn’t die.”

But I do really appreciate classes like DUT. It’s really almost impossible to be bored when you’re fighting against your own will to keep going. And no, I won’t call it the Fabulous Fifty. For me, it’s always gonna be a filthy, gritty work out because let’s face it, I’m just not that girl. I wish I was naturally skinny, but it ain’t happening. So I need DUT.

And yeah, it’s good for me.

Sweat with No Regret

Sweat with No Regret

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IMAG1932 IMAG1933 IMAG1934 IMAG1936

Unless you stayed up all night on December 31, 2012, there was no way anyone who imbibed and danced the New Year’s celebration was going to make the first sunrise of the new year (or at least, that’s what I told myself), so Chris and I decided to catch the first sunset of 2013.

We went to Malibu pier and froze our faces waiting for the sun to set. These pictures were taken by my lovely, broken, HTC Evo.

We then spent a very low-key and relaxing (sleepy) dinner at Fish Grill which nearly has 5 stars on yelp. It was very good fresh seafood.

After that, we went back home and commenced with the lazying around all day watching movies in bed.

It was a good January 1, 2013. Welcome New Year.

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I had such great original plans for the weekend of January 5-6, 2013, just the kind of weekend to start the New Year off right.

Originally, I was going camping with some friends from my WAKA Kickball league in San Clemente, down by the beach. Unfortunately, with the holidays and work getting nuts, I was vastly ill-prepared. The kind of not prepared where 2 days before the trip, I still didn’t have a tent.

I was going to share a tent with a girl friend. But she was also unprepared for the camping trip (no sleeping bag), and she got signed up to do some fundraiser over the weekend for her job. Another friend, Brett, offered to share his tent with me…much to the chagrin of my BF. So, I had to decline. I was going to rent a tent from REI, then. Suddenly, Dennis, texted me to remind me to bring firewood.

And it hit me how real camping this could be. I mean, I have “camped” in Yosemite before, where we had like…y’know, cabins. And heaters.

Brett assured me that this would be luxury camping. I could bring my airbed. There were showers available. Etc…etc… but I was still stuck on, tent and firewood.

Not to mention that I had a shit ton of work to do that would 90% have required me to be at the office on Sunday.

Then another set of non-camping WAKA Kickball friends decided to go on a day trip for some snowboarding action. I was actually quite excited when I got the text message Friday morning. So I told my camping folks that I’d raincheck for warmer weather, and gave the green light to my snowbuddies.

I got my board and gear ready the night before. At 5 am, I get a text from Micaela as a wake up call. I hop out of bed, wash up and was all ready to go around 5:30 am. We were to meet at Joey’s place and he would drive us up. Then I find out I forgot my wallet and all my money at the office.


Joey says it’s fine. He’ll spot me.

I hop into the car and it gives me this:

AAAHHHH!! The Horror!

AAAHHHH!! The Horror!

I call that the F-Squiggly of Doom. Okay, because the sign looks like the Letter F over some squiggly lines. It apparently means something to do with the temperature. And how if I keep driving with that light on, my car will explode and I will be obliterated.

Something like that.

In any case, anyone who knows anything about cars have all told me that I should STOP DRIVING IMMEDIATELY when I see that sign.

So, this meant…well, that I couldn’t go anywhere that day.

And in the back of my mind, even when Micaela and Joey were both telling me that they would swing by and pick me up…I knew that I had to just suck it up and be a responsible adult. Besides, just three weeks ago, the mechanic did tell me that I needed new brakes, too. And that my radiator was cracked. And that my car was an oil guzzler and I should have oil put in every month.

So, I resigned myself to going back home, putting my board away, telling my new snowboarding boots that we would have our time soon, and going back to bed. I mean, going to the mechanic…after I go back to bed. After all, it was still 6 AM.

I spent a good deal of money on my car Saturday. Then spent the rest of my day working–yes, working–on my brief and watching some TV.

As disappointed as I was about not being able to go snowboarding, one of my new year’s resolution was to act like the damned grown-up that I was. And I felt like yesterday, taking care of business, cleaning, working and just relaxing at home one a Saturday night was kind of like grown up.

Instead of waiting and pushing something back until it blew up in my face (which could be literal in the case of my car), I took care of it, despite having to forego something I considered “fun”.

Oh well. Next week, I’m off to the slopes with my roommate anyway.

The end. Damn you squiggly.

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29 (damn near almost 30) years in the making, and I finally see Disneyland at Winter Time.


This dream coming true was made possible by my boss. He took the entire office to a Disneyland weekend Holiday trip instead of throwing a traditional office party. We were provided two day park hopper passes and two nights at the Grand Californian Hotel. It was pretty awesome.

The Lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland

The Lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland

The Grand Californian does not look very Disney inside…although I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting. Maybe more Hidden Mickeys?

However, it still delivered with their usual customer service and atmospheric awesomeness. For example, every couple of hours they had carolers, actual carolers, singing acapella Christmas songs in the lobby. There are pianists that fill the lobby with Christmas music.  There is a GIANT Christmas tree all decked out in the middle, and of course, the service is always phenomenal.

  1. Have I mentioned that it was FREE?

My boss wanted to forgo the usual Holiday party and got everyone in the office a weekend in Disneyland instead. He paid for the hotel, the park hopper tickets and for those who ran into him, drinks and dinner, or $100 gift cards, or random little gift shop presents. He actually paid for a fabulous dinner at the Wine Country Trattoria (I had some extremely delicious lamb shank).

And if you have the prixe fix menu at the Wine Country Trattoria, you actually get reserved viewing for the World of Color water show. As far as I was concerned, even if we had to pay for it, the good food and great show is well worth it.

Gotta admit, that World of Color show puts the Bellagio fountains to shame. I think my jaw dropped a couple of times, and my front teeth were dry from smiling so much throughout the show.

World of Color Show

World of Color Show


The Grin that dried my teeth.

           I also got to experience Magic Hour. If you stay in one of the Disney hotels, you are allowed into the parks an hour before anyone is even allowed to breathe in any disney air. This meant that we got on all the rides we wanted with practically no wait, and also let us get the fast passes for the new Cars Land car race before everyone else.

Then, there’s getting on Disney rides at almost-midnight. There’s something pretty eerie about rides in the dark, especially the Jungle Cruise in Adventure Land. In the daytime, all the creatures are clearly plastic and mechanical. At night, the croc swimming up to your jungle boat, looks pretty darned real. So do the piranhas. And the hippos. Uh…yeah. Creepy cool.

I also forced myself to get on California Screamin’, the one and only real roller coaster in Disney’s California Adventure. In essence, the BF made me promise that if he would be a good sport throughout the Disney weekend, I had to get on ONE scary ride. Fine.

I still refused to get on the Tower of Terror though. And in exchange, he watched the broadway-esque production of Aladdin without complaint. He liked it. He totally did.

And, did I mention that my firm hosted a CHARACTER BREAKFAST? Yeah…more cheese on the weekend of cheesy fun already! It was surprisingly fun acting like a kid again with these characters. Tigger was there…of course.



NO matter how old I am, Disneyland always delivers.

I’m glad I get to see this Winter Wonderland and cross it off my list of things to do in Life.

Character Breakfast!

Character Breakfast!

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