Stopping Time: First Sunset of 2013

IMAG1932 IMAG1933 IMAG1934 IMAG1936

Unless you stayed up all night on December 31, 2012, there was no way anyone who imbibed and danced the New Year’s celebration was going to make the first sunrise of the new year (or at least, that’s what I told myself), so Chris and I decided to catch the first sunset of 2013.

We went to Malibu pier and froze our faces waiting for the sun to set. These pictures were taken by my lovely, broken, HTC Evo.

We then spent a very low-key and relaxing (sleepy) dinner at Fish Grill which nearly has 5 stars on yelp. It was very good fresh seafood.

After that, we went back home and commenced with the lazying around all day watching movies in bed.

It was a good January 1, 2013. Welcome New Year.

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