(W)reckless Me

Former 3L | Current JD | Future Esquire

Lover AND Fighter
I’m a romantic too grounded in realism.

I like almost everything,
but I love exclusively.

Raindrops on Roses
Tulips in mid-Bloom

Snowfall & the Crisp Cold of Winter Air
Crunchy Autumn Leaves

Scent of Sea Salt in the Wind; the sound of the Ocean waves

Scent of a New Book; the Worn Edges of a Beloved Book

Popcorn and Movies
I love food. Korean BBQ | Sushi | Filipino food | sinigang | dim-sum | xiao long bao | daikokuya ramen | steak | the banana chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles | soondubu jjigae | Kurobuta pork belly banh mi from Mendocino Farms | steak tartare | oysters | SHRIMP! | steamed Chilean sea bass | taco truck tacos | turkey pesto meatballs | the Mafaldine from Pasta Pomodoro | rardnah noodles | spicy coconut soup | peach mango pies | horseradish gouda | seared scallops | carrot cake | this entire section could literally just be about food, so I’ll stop there. I would suffer through severe lactose-intolerance and take the Strawberry Rendezvous to go from Cold Stone Creamery.

I like Sports.

College Football: Go Bears! | Shh! Don’t tell anyone but I actually think StanfUrd’s pretty good, too. Y’know, for TREES. | I’d root for the ‘Gators and the Red Tide. Maaaaybe the Longhorns when there’s nothing else on TV | And USC…can just suck my…toe.

NFL: So, how ’bout them Rayyy-duuuhhhssss!!! (Let’s Go Oakland!) | The Colts are awesome, too but only because Peyton Manning is superhuman. Although, Eli Manning is much cuter. | The Seahawks get points in my book ‘cuz they have Marshawn Lynch: former Cal Bear and all-around scary-looking dude | The Niners are aiight, even though they started this season horribly…gotta have love for the Bay.

NBA: Grant Hill drinks Sprite. Steve Nash rocks. Kobe’s aiiiight in my book. ‘Melo has these catlike skills my boy loves.

MLB: SF Giants won me over. I screamed my little heart out and jumped for joy when they won the World Series: I feared the Beard, rooted for the Freak and even wore a Panda Hat. Sigh, Brian Wilson, will you marry me?  My allegiances still lean more towards the A’s though, only because I’m from the East Bay and have blue collar roots.

Manny Pacquiao is pretty amazing. Shaun White makes my jaw drop every.single.time I watch him on the half-pipe.

I like TV. I watch these like religion:

  • It’s Supernatural how hot Ackles is.
  • I’ve got a Big Bang Theory that’ll knock your socks off.
  • When I see Puck, I feel Glee
  • Some days, I’d really like to fall Off the Map
  • I live my life on the Fringe
  • Let’s put our Criminal Minds together
  • My Modern Family puts the fun in dysfunctional.
  • Let me tell you How I Met Your Mother
  • All I wanna be is your Dark Angel
  • The Evidence is in: I believe in all of the CSI’s
  • I secretly read the Vampire Diaries.

Currently Lusting after:

  • Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall — always.
  • Ian Somehalder as Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries.
  • My own personal Mr. Darcy to tell me that he loves me, “most ardently.”
  • Louboutin nude platform pumps
  • everything from Ideeli
  • and YOU. Yes, You. Always you.

Let’s Talk About Love, Baby. Like-Minded Individuals, why don’t you inbox me?

Best of. izzy.

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