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Thanks, Sheldon!


Chuck Norris wishes he were 73.

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Tim McGraw, June 5, 2010

In keeping with making the most out of my summer despite having bar prep, day off #2 of week 2 of bar prep was a Tim McGraw concert.

Yes, I didn’t know I liked Country Music either.

But on a six-hour road trip with my favorite girls to June Mountain for a snowboarding weekend trip, they introduced me to Something Like That (BBQ Stain) and I just fell in love with the cutest line in the song: “She said I bet you don’t remember me, and I said, Only every other memory…”

Ever since, the hopeless romantic in me has been hooked on them country crooners.

But trust me, none of ’em do it like Tim McGraw does. I did my research. I listened to a bunch of different country singers…but then, there’s just something about Tim McGraw.

Maybe it’s those arms. Yeah…or those pecs. Or the voice. Or those arms. Or maybe the tight jeans. Or the big cowboy hat. Or the arms. Yeah.

I’m so jealous my friend, mDino, was close enough to Tim McGraw to take this pic. Wtheck. Check the new addition to my Life List, cuz this is going on it.

I went with @Sigh, Mush, TNT, and Persanthemum. Mush made some bomb pasta (with bacon, of course) and @Sigh & TNT supplied the yummy grapefruits, strawberries, and sandwiches. Those girls always have everything down. My heroines.

The day was perfect and the night was balmy. Tim McGraw has a lovely drawl and says, “fellers”. He was still a guy’s guy though, at one point telling some dude to settle down or he was gonna be thrown out, and then admitting that he bought his first guitar so he could get laid. It worked. He hasn’t put down a guitar since.

I’ve only ever been to one other concert in my life (August 1, 2009, No Doubt @ the Irvine Amphitheater), and in comparison the Tim McGraw concert is far more laid back and almost relaxing. It was more about the music, less about the flash.

I really enjoyed the day and would definitely, definitely go to another Tim McGraw concert again. Closer next time. Like…sweat-on-me closer. *Griiins.

Singing along to “Something Like That” @ the Southern Voice Tour ❤

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…as I recover from this:


EV had a post in tribute of those who could encompass being “hot, pretty, and cute” all at once.  For guys, I’d say, “hot, cute, and handsome” as a translation.  Naturally, Jensen Ackles would have to be number 1 on my list. (I hear @sigh’s droll “surprise, surprise.” in the back of my head.) 

EV would agree with me on #2: Jude Law


@Sigh, how about #3: Ryan Reynolds

As for #4, my mom would probably be my staunchest supporter: Hugh Jackman

(Hugh almost didn’t make the list because of the “cute” factor…but I figure his boyish smile as seen in the Oscars redeemed him.)

Um…okay, so I might need another moment.  Sigh.  Isn’t scruff on a guy just so damned sexy?

So much better than finals, isn’t it?

You’re welcome.

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My other Boyfriend is a Wolf.

New Moon

Jacob Black

Yes, I am giving in to the Call of the Cougar. Who cares? If guys like him really did just drop in through windows like in New Moon, I’d keep my windown open always. 

I was thoroughly amused and did indeed look over at EV for a bunch of giggle fests whenever the Shirtless-Wolf-Wonder came on the screen.  I also giggled everytime the great Edward Cullen appeared and moved in slow motion.  The movie, yeah, was kind of lame.  But again, who cares?  Have you NOT seen Jacob Black?

‘Nuff said.

(okay, end of Cougarishness. please don’t call the authorities.)

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and I am still compeltely Team JACOB…

even though I know how everything ends.

At least his muscles are real and not spray-painted.


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On my way back from San Francisco to Los Angeles, my flight was delayed for about three hours. My family had dropped me off at the airport almost two hours before my original flight was scheduled. I was stuck at SFO for about five hours. Naturally, I bought the book I’ve been curious about since I saw a special about the rabid fans of the upcoming movie: Twilight.

Prior to that small news segment, the camera panning across hundreds of fans lining up for the Twilight premiere, I had never even known the book existed, much less that a movie had been made. Where have I been that I missed such a massive…um…movement?

Two probable reasons:

1. Law school: I have lived in a bubble where the only books that existed had titles like Evidence, Property, Constitutional Law…you get the gist…and when I wasn’t reading those books, I was desperately trying to spend the rest of my other time unreading.

2. I Grew Up: I used to ravenously read those little tweenie books written by LJ Smith, Christopher Pike, RL Stine…yada, yada, yada. If I were fifteen (or eighteen, sigh) again, I would have been all over a book like Twilight…and the subsequent books that make up the entire saga.

So, that fateful flight-delayed-rainy-San Francisco day at the airport, I finally caved and bought the book.

I read through the first half of the book in the airport, pausing only to take a short nap at the Gate A11, and had the itch to watch the film. I thought to myself: Wow, this is some ambitious stuff. The emotions, the tension, and the sheer confused passion of the characters were so ambitious that I was really curious how they could translate it onto the screen.

So, BF–being awesome as he is–took me to watch the movie in one of the handful of theaters that still show it. I told him it was a cool vampire movie. Which is about a third-true.

I walked out of the movie mildly disappointed, but even more eager to read the rest of the book.  Let me tell you why…


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