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Well, here’s one thing about NorCal: I definitely don’t try to dress as nice. Furthermore, my job is so laid back, that the only time I ever really need to look nice is when (1) I meet up with professors, and (2) the CEO is in town to hang out. Otherwise, I can pretty much get away with jeans and a shirt. I’ve even worn flip-flops. TERRIBLE.

But today, I’ve decided to revolutionize myself.

I just need to care more. About everything.

(1) My health and fitness, (2) my fashion sense (even when I can get away with flip-flops and jeans), (3) my hygiene (this mostly means washing my face at night as I don’t really do it, because I do shower everyday–sometimes twice a day–and y’know, brush my teeth and stuff), (4) my food, and (5) my career.

If I care more about all of the above, I am convinced that my LIFE will fall into place just right. And maybe, I’ll stop feeling…like this.

So here’s a start by re-sparking my Fashion-Unable series:

My friend, AdroMew, was in the mood to play photographer in Golden Gate Park and these were the results.

This Coral dress was something I ordered off the Forever 21 website when I was in one of those desperate moods for color. As you all know, Summer had been a little late in arriving, and the June Gloom was getting to me. I needed a dash of color. Thus, $23 later I had my wish.

The shoes are actually my mother’s. They are a lovely pair of no-name brand sandals that I had bought for her. Here’s the story: we were all dressed up to go see Hugh Jackman perform at the Curran Theater last May and she had on these perfectly beautiful black high-heeled slingbacks. Unfortunately, she had also spent all morning and afternoon doing the Filipino version of a line-dance. So, when we were finally off to go see Wolverine, she claimed she couldn’t possibly walk the four blocks from our parking garage to the Curran Theater. “Luckily” for her, there was a DSW just half a block down. And ta-da these surprisingly comfortable camel sandals came into her (our) possession.

I wore them that day because I anticipated a walk through the park, and like I said, they’re extremely comfortable with the padded insole and 2-inch chunky heels.

The sweater is from…no clue. It’s been a while. It’s a wool-blend 3/4 sleeve cardigan. It kept me quite warm and perfectly content in the 64 degree San Francisco weather.

I also wore green nail polish and tried to pretend I was going for a contrast with my coral dress. But really, it was because the night before, I had gone to an Oakland A’s game and green was one of their team colors. I just didn’t have time to change my nails.

It was color I wanted, it is color I’ve got.

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Dangerously High Desire

All of them. I do desire.

(Cross-posted on my Tumblr.)

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I have decided to do retro-active Fashion-Unable posts because my camera is broken and my new one is still in transit. I’ve been meaning to try doing these kinds of posts again, so here goes:

The dress: H&M for $48.

Shoes: Bakers $69.99

I liked this dress a lot. I was at one of my heavier weights after gaining around 15 pounds since last summer (I know, right?! stupid law school and stress), I was really concerned about what to wear. This dress, with its white cut-out that is curved inwards creates a really unique illusion of being skinny. It basically just draws your attention to the white part, and erases the dark (negative image) part. It looks like I have curves and that I’m skinny.

Isn’t it amazing?

Try not to look too closely though, hahaha! Or the illusion goes away and you realize that I did gain that much weight.

The H&M Prom Dress

I also like the neckline of this dress. It’s one giant black v-shaped elastic strap. It stayed comfortable and was bold enough to create a statement, and wide enough to balance the width of my shoulders. I used to do martial arts, so all the years of push-ups kind of gave me really broad straight shoulders. I like that this dress allows me to showcase shoulders without being all shoulder.

Finally, even sideways, I look like I’m half my size because of the negative-positive image the black and white create. It really makes you believe that where the white ends is also where the rest of me ends. Plus, it’s dark inside, so it adds even more to the illusion of skinniness. Haha! But really…I wasn’t. Sigh. Just see below.

A peek @ the SHOES (with Tinman, my favorite Partner-in-Crime)

As for the shoes, I chose one of my favorite black high-heels from Bakers. These also have the wide elastic straps which keep them extremely comfortable because of the stretch, but also supportive for the height. These heels add approximately 3 to 4 inches on me. The taller I seem, the better I can pretend to wear the weight I had gained.

The pic above is with Tinman, one of my favorite party peoples. You can barely see the shoes. I realized that I did not have a full body picture all night, so there are barely glimpses of the Bakers shoes.

with my awesome date, & another peek at my BAKERS SHOES

Here’s another look at the shoes. Don’t mind the musculature of the calf. Haha! I’d been snowboarding all season with that guy above. My date was Bobert/Kiwigelo/ClownPornPhatBeatingSticks who is now one of my closest friends through our love of snowboarding.

this is how Bobert & i really are like

Overall, I was comfortable in my dress despite the fact that it clung to my extra baggage. I credit the cut and the pattern of the dress. I love the shoes (which I wear quite often when going out to dance and still look stunningly tall[er]). I also paired the outfit with gold leaf earrings and gold cuffs. I chose gold because the “white” portion of my dress was not actually pure white. It was cream with a sheen of gold, which also added a hint of uniqueness to the dress.

Here’s a close up of the shoes. I could no longer find the exact pair online, but that’s because I bought them a while back. There are several similar ones on the Bakers website, though.

On a special note, I want to give a shout-out to Bobert’s GEEK CHIC look. Loved his glasses. Loved his woolen skinny tie with the straight edge. Loved the gray wool jacket. Loved the belt buckle. I really like it when a guy decides to take on fashion and give it his own unique twist.

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So what if I’m wearing Black Tights, with Brown Shoes and a Navy Blazer?  Have I broken some code of fashion where blacks and browns don’t mix, or blacks and navy bring on the blues?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

The shirt is from H&M and was about $24.00.

The blazer is from Forever21 and was about $17.00.

Tights are from the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles for about $4.00.

Shoes are Steve Maddens for $89.00 –> but these were a gift from Mom!

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he said, she said

Sometimes, a guy and a girl sees the same thing and sees completely different things.

Case in point:

Hello, Sexy Elf Shoes

Hello, Sexy Elf Shoes

Me: OMG! These are so sexy.

BF: *nods* then *smiles*

Me: *hugs shoes and does not let them go…admires them and sighs lovingly*  Aren’t they the hottest shoes ever?!?!

BF: You’re serious?

Me: Yeah…why…aren’t they?

BF: They look like elf-shoes.  DRESSY elf shoes.  If an elf were to go to prom…those would be the shoes.

REALLY?  Really!?!?!

Oh, well…he said, she said.

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