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Still on a slippery slope
T-minus one hundred fifty days
The ash of dried tears
Still cake the arch of
my cheek as new wetness
rolls over…and down.
At night the soft sigh
still escapes into the darkness.
The quiet whispers back
with the stillness of nothing.
I swallow back the vacuum inside.
The taste is bitter–of regret.
It’s sour with hate.
Stings like the salt of the pain
rubbed against a wound that
still bleeds the sweet iron taste
of love.
It’s a taste that curls in my mouth.
Bile rises and I’m left with
the hollowness of

Some days, I still do.

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It’s funny the way

…regret works.

I don’t regret what I did or how I felt.

My eyes were open and I knew.

But somehow they were shut, too.

I regret the way I feel now.

But I still wouldn’t change a thing.

It’s funny the way

…love works.

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When I tell the story of you and me, and how we came to be,
I just want to cry.

How can Fairy Tales lie to us?
How can they make us believe in Happily Ever After?
How can they make us hope that our story…

Will never end?

When I tell the story of you and me, and how we came to be,
I still want to believe in Fairy Tales.

But the tears I’m holding back tell me that
I should have known.

Maybe I’m not your Princess.
Maybe I’m not the One.
Maybe I’m not the Girl you’d ride through the darkness for.

Maybe I’m not your Lady
You would hold in your arms through the Night.
Maybe my Tears aren’t worth
Catching in the palm of your hand.
Maybe roses and dreams
Aren’t meant for me at all.

Maybe I’m just the Girl who’s good for now
While you wait for Her to come around.

Maybe I’m too Old for Fairy Tale Beginnings.
Maybe I’m not worth the Fairy Tale Endings.

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When the laughter’s gone

What is left?

When the fun has stopped

What mem’ry is kept?

When two becomes three

Who will have to go?

When the warmth has gone

Will chilling tears flow?

When change comes around

What can stay the same?

When trust is betrayed

Who is to blame?

When we can’t hold on,

Should we let go?

When we can’t let go,

How do we hold on?

When friendship fades…

How do we say goodbye?


by Isabelle Tan

I remember the summer you left me.

I can still feel the salt in the air, the sand in the wind, and the sun in my eyes. I could taste the summer through the rolled-down car window as I stuck my head through it, the car breezing down the cliff-side road.


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I don’t know where to start. I don’t know where it ends.
I’m sitting here and oh, God, my heart is breaking.


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I’m looking forward
To you and me
I’m looking toward
Everything we could be.

I ache inside
To feel this distance
Reaching for you
Is a lonely dance.

I want your laughter
I want your smile
I want your desire
Even once in a while.

I miss those words
You used to say
I miss the simple things
You used to do every day.

I miss that look
So rare in your eyes
I miss the touch
That melted all the ice.

I wish I knew
What the future would bring
I wish so hard
I could fix everything.

I hold this hope
So soft and tender
It’s a little glow
A fire from the embers.

I reach for you
I’ve fallen from grace
Will you take my hand,
And hold me in your embrace?

You’re still my world.
You’re still my heart.
I know the pieces fit
Even when apart.

I look forward
To you and me
I look toward
Everything we could be.

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