Life is

This is my Life List.

Some are silly. Some are scary. Some I have to do. Some I am doing. And still some are just barely glimmers of a dream waiting to come true… it’s all here.

Graduate Law School | Visit Every Single National Park in the Country | Cross-Country Road Trip | Go on an Alaskan Cruise | Go on a Caribbean Cruise | Go on a French Riviera Cruise | Go on a Mexican Cruise | Learn French | Write a Novel | Be Published | Pass the Bar | See the Great Wall of China | Visit Palawan, Philippines | Own a Cabin in Tahoe | Design My Very Own Cabin in Tahoe | Own a Tahoe Season Pass | Own an MVP Pass from Mammoth Mountain | Spend a Whole Week in Whistler, BC | Get Nice Abs | Cross-Country Train Trip | Visit Egypt | See the Pyramids | Ride an Elephant | Ride a Camel | Learn How to Ride Horseback | Hike Half-Dome in Yosemite | White Water Rafting | Plant a Tree | Camping at the Grand Canyon | Mardi Gras in New Orleans | Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter| Read all Harry Potter books | Swim with Dolphins | Run a 5K | Spend a Whole Day at a Spa | Go on an African Safari | Meet and Visit All My Writing Friends | See the Great Barrier Reef | Pet a Tiger | Play with a Lion Cub | Own a Rhodesian Ridgeback | Run a 10K | Get Married in Yosemite National Park | Own a Beach House | Zip-lining | Own a DSLR | Start My Own Law Practice | Get My Own Apartment as a Lawyer | Fall In Love Again | Learn to Ride a Motorcycle | Visit the UN Headquarters in New York | UN HQ in Geneva | Ride a Gondola through the Canals in Venice | Learn to Play the Guitar | Own a Siberian Husky | Run a Half Marathon | Get My Third Degree Black Belt | Get a Physical | Attend the Summer Olympics | Attend the Winter Olympics | Watch a Taping of the Big Bang Theory | Meet Jensen Ackles | Learn Chinese | Take My Mom to Paris | Travel Through Europe with My Brothers | Own a Subaru | Live in Manhattan for a Year | Live in San Francisco | Meet My Niece Tristyn | Go REAL Camping in Yosemite | Pay Off My Law School Loans | Run a Full Marathon | Buy a House in the Philippines | Get a Tattoo | Find the Man for Me | Go Fishing | Attend the Electric Daisy Carnival | Go to a Raider Game | Go to a Country Concert | Go to a Rock Concert | Watch an Opera | Fly in a Private Jet | Tour the White House | Tour Buckingham Palace | Own My First Pair of Louboutin Nude Pumps | Buy My Mom a Home | Give My Grandma a Proper Retirement | Get My Tax LLM | Become a Wedding Planner | See Les Miserables On Broadway | Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity | Volunteer My Time To a Political Campaign | Visit Jessica in Sacramento | Snowboard in Every Single Resort in Tahoe | Give Back to Cal | Visit the Vatican | Be in a Parade | See the Circus | Learn How to Surf | Be a Witness on the Witness Stand Just so I can Say, “You Want the Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!” | See a Fashion Show | Make a $1000 Donation to Church | Go On A Blind Date | Donate Bone Marrow | Swim with Sharks | Watch a Taping or Dance with Ellen Degeneres | Make a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Local PD | Find a Job in San Francisco | Own a Resort in Boracay | Put Solar Panels in My Home | Invest in Renewable Energy | Go Dogsledding in Alaska | Go Line Dancing | Visit Every Single Museum in the SF Bay Area | Go to a Renaissance Fair | Go to the Alameda County Fair | Visit the Space Needle in Seattle | Buy Season Tickets for Cal Football | Learn How to Do that Underwater Flip Thing when doing Laps @ the Pool | Go on a Float Trip | See Tim McGraw Up Close&Personal | Go to a Josh Groban Concert | Wine Tasting in Napa Valley | Go to Disney World in Florida | Go to Hawaii | See Disneyland at Winter Time | Visit Yellowstone National Park | See a Grizzly Bear in the wild | Go Crabbing |

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