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First of all: Love Kid Cudi. Love David Guetta. Love this song.

That song would probably be what best describes my weekend. I definitely did make all the crazy/beautiful decisions this weekend and I know that they will be tucked away under the file of “Best Memories.”

The best of the best part of the weekend? It dawned on me sometime after midnight on Friday night that I was happy. I was really, really happy. My life is awesome.

I can’t put my finger on it.

Maybe it’s because San Francisco just makes me feel amazing. I love this city, the nooks and crannies, the hopping on the train to bar hop, the art galleries/bars, the after-parties, the being able to walk through the streets and breathe real air, the people I know in this place, the people I meet at every turn…I’m just absolutely loving it.

Maybe it’s because I feel like the old me again. I don’t know if LA changed me or if my experiences in LA changed me that much. But I can go dancing at a club here just for the sake of dancing. In my jeans, sweater and boots, my hair in a ponytail, a Blue Moon in my hand…I feel like me in my own skin.

Maybe it’s the friends and loves who visit me. Maybe it’s the old-school hip-hop pounding out of the speakers. Maybe it’s walking through the city streets holding hands. Maybe it’s take-my-breath-away kisses and throw-my-head-back laughter on a bench at the Metreon. Maybe it’s frozen yogurt and Halloween stories. Maybe it’s old friends who still call me by my old name. Maybe it’s being around people who knew and remember my father that remind me of who I was meant to be. Maybe it’s whispers and lame jokes at night. Maybe it’s everything about everything right now.

I’m just happy. Let me be.

*For those who have the Password…Read on in Memories Part Deux*

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Success! I found a couple of fairly well-done videos of the 112th Big Game between Cal and Stanford. 

This is all just CAL highlights.

Below is one that also features some of Stanford’s points.  I, unfortunately, actually like Toby Gerhart.  I know, sacrilege!!!  I can’t help it.  He’s really good.  Fellow Bears, please don’t hurt me.

Still, a good watch. Only shows how exciting the game actually was.  I was late to a good friend’s birthday dinner…and my only excuse was I couldn’t possibly leave the game. 

I also like the second video for the Spirit. 

Roll on you Bears!

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This is called “The Play” and it’s one of the most amazing plays in College Football history. Ever. (okay, maybe i’m just a little bit biased.) 

It’s November 20, 1982.  It’s the Big Game between Cal and StanfUrd.  The ‘Furd had just scored a field goal to take the lead and the score stood at 20-19.  There’s only 4 seconds left on the clock. FOUR SECONDS.  In a last minute decision, the Stanfurd Special Teams coach called for a squib kick (you know, a short, low, line drive).  Big mistake bud.


That’s 5 lateral passes. Count that. FIVE.


And announcer, Joe Starkey had praised Stanfurd up till that point and commented, “Only a miracle can save the Bears now.”

He got his miracle all right.  And wow, his excitement as he screams “The Bears have won! The Bears have won!” just adds to the drama and excitement to this scene.

Of course there’s controversy that surrounds this Play (especially to whether 2 of the laterals were illegal), but that just adds to the legend of the Play.  First, there’s the claim that on the third lateral, Garner’s (the carrier) knee had touched the ground before he passed the ball.  Inconclusive.  Then on the fifth lateral, there is the question of whether it was actually an illegal forward pass.  Ford was being tackled on the 27 yard line when he blindly threw the ball over his shoulder, and Moen was crossing the 25 yard line when he reached for it.  Physics in the works.  Everyone is sort of moving forward at that point, and by the time Moen grabs the ball, he has to reach sort of behind him for it.  Most who have reviewed the tapes conclude that at the very least, the ball traveled laterally on the 25 yard line.

The Stafurd band had also already stormed the field.

That would have been a penalty anyway — how severe? Maybe a Cal touchdown? Who knows. Because the referees declared that Cal had won, it mooted Stanfurd’s interference penalty. 


I love me my Cal Bears & College Football. ❤

**PS, WANTED: good highlights to this year’s Big Game.**

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