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4th of July was a lot of fun bonding with my old high school friends again and being reminded exactly why our friendships have withstood the test of time, distance and even absence. We have all built our lives apart from each other. But every now and again, we come back, gravitating towards the sense of family that was built around Forensics, around weekends upon weekends spent in hotel rooms and airplanes traveling from one competition to another. This sense of family was also built around the same kinds of affinity for shenanigans, practical jokes, and theatricality.

So, on this particular 4th of July, while playing wii games and some weird coin toss game that Monte invented, and even a game of almost-tag, the following “punishments” were bestowed on the losers:

If you lose, you have to:

  1. Do your best Michael Jackson impersonation.
  2. Perform a 1 minute choreographed routine.
  3. Take a shot of “Git Nekkid” –> a special blended drink by Monte himself
  4. Do the Robot.

Here’s a vid of Sky and JP doing their “Too Sexy” routine, announced by Homie G himself.

Luckily, this was the only thing caught on video.


Good times, guys! As always.

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I feel like if anyone were ever to get into a break-up, the cusp between Winter & Spring is the perfect time to do it.

After all, the days only get brighter from there.

It’s sometimes easier to write about the Big Bad and the Sad, (i have a theory that people take happiness for granted so they’re always shocked when bad things happen) so I wanted to dedicate a post to the brighter days I’ve been having and how it’s been easier to look forward to the future again.

I’m happier, and like AJB commented, almost surprised, “Hey! You’re smiling again!”

Yes, yes, I am.


Pristine White Goodness

Pristine White Goodness

There’s snow, snowboarding, dancing, drinking, and laughing with great friends in the very near future.  How does one not smile with such prospects ahead?

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